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About this mod

This mod aims to provide the feeling of a fresh Dark Souls-Experience as much as possible by changing a lot in the game! There are many things to discover, so I hope that you will have fun!

Permissions and credits
Dark Souls - Prepare to die AGAIN - Lordran reborn

I always loved the feeling of my first Dark Souls run. Everything felt fresh and new and I did not know where deadly enemies lured around. But with every run the game felt less "exciting". Dont get me wrong, Dark Souls is still one of the best games ever made. But the feeling was different. I knew all the enemy positions and also NG+ did change nothing aswell (congratulation to DS2 for actually changing things in NG+ cycles...). I just wished it would be possible to erase my memory and experience the game like it was my first time...but sadly this is not possible yet.
But then I found out about all the awesome modding tools that exist for Dark Souls 1.
The idea to create a complete overhaul for Dark Souls was born...

What this mod does
This mod is a huge lore-friendly expansion that tries to make you experience a fresh but also familiar Dark Souls!
There are new enemy positions, new bonfire positions, new enemies, new quests, new NPC positions, new spells, new armor sets, new rings, new weapons, new events, new items and much more. There are more than over thousand changes plus brand new content! So just discover it for yourself ;)

Does it affect Multiplayer?
Since version 6.0 using this mod online is no issue anymore. There are changes made to the game version number. That means that you can only connect to other players using this mod. Vanilla players are uneffected. (Only PTDE version)

Why are there no images?
I hope you understand that after all that work I dont want to spoil the experience for you. There are changes everywhere and showing you images would take away the element of surprise. And if you are like me who bought Dark Souls without knowing ANYTHING about it, you dont want to be spoilered at all ;-)

How to use (PTD-Edition only)
If you have unpacked your Dark Souls files then you can still play with my mod. And here is how to do it!
  1. Download my files and make sure that you have unpacked your files by using this: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304/(duh!)
  2. Navigate to your Dark Souls-DATA folder
  3. Make sure to have a backup of this folder
  4. Open the DATA-folder of my mod and copy EVERYTHING of it into your DATA-folder
  5. Override your old files with mine
  6. Launch Dark Souls via Steam

How to use (Remastered only)
  1. Download my files
  2. Download this awesome tool https://www.nexusmods.com/darksoulsremastered/mods/75 --Credits go to AinTunez
  3. Open the Mod manager you just downloaded
  4. Drag and drop the mod folder into the mod manager
  5. Launch Dark Souls Remastered via the mod manager

How to use (Remastered only) (Alternative)
  1. Download my files (duh!)
  2. Navigate to your Dark Souls: Remastered folder (the one, where the .exe is located)
  3. Make sure to have a backup of everything you are going to replace
  4. Open the archive of my mod and copy EVERYTHING of it into your Dark Souls: Remastered folder
  5. Override your old files with mine
  6. Launch Dark Souls: Remastered via Steam

"Mod is saying that I am using the wrong version"
Make sure that you are using the steam version of Dark Souls: Prepare to die again. Right click on the game in your library and open the settings. Switch to the Beta-Tab and make sure that you are not using a beta version here!
After that the mod should run fine.

You have to play the game in english or german to get all the new texts! Otherwise they won't show up.
If you can speak two languages fluently and want to help me translate the mod, feel free to write a message.


- added missing Firelink Shrine-MSB

- fixed an issue where certain enemy-positions made some bonfires unusable

- fixed wrong model ID of a balder knight which appeared as iron golem

- fixed an issue where certain enemies in Undead Burg and The Depths never spawned
- changed the NPCparam of a hollow in Undead Asylum to make him use a bow and fixed the issue where he was stronger than others
- added a second Channeler in The Depths
- fixed the glitchy mimic in Anor Londo that was stuck in the wall

- removed harmless silver knights in Anor Londo because they confused many players
- Berenike knight (sword) in Undead Burg no longer respawns
- fixed the issue where Berenike knight before iron tusk in Undead Burg was not able to hurt the player
- moved enemies further away from upper Blighttown bonfire to avoid that they gank the player while resting
- replaced Berenike knights in Firelink Shrine with Hollow Soldiers
- replaced Ricard in Anor Londo with a Giant Sentinel and put him back to Sen´s Fortress
- Iron Tarkus no longer respawns

- fixed an issue where the first black knight dropped nothing but the berenike knight that "replaced" him dropped his stuff and the black knight stuff
- fixed the aggro range of the added crossbow-soldiers in Undead Parish. They now aggro like normal enemies
- fixed the glitchy transport crow in the cutscene before Firelink Shrine
- the Capra Demon before the second Demon Ruins bonfire no longer respawns (so you can rest there again without being interrupted). Deleted one of the many taurus demons for that (The ones that spawn on the ground right after Ceaseless Discharge is killed)
- fixed the issue where the player could not talk to the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo
- changed the location of the second black knight in Undead Burg. Fighting him is now optional again
- moved one of the Berenike knights in Undead Burg. Fighting him is now optional
- made enemy changes to the lower part of Undead Parish (the part with the bandits)
- removed the 3 trees in Darkwood forest
- some minor changes

- fixed the game breaking bug where only one king spawned in the Four Kings fight
- fixed the issue where dying in the DLC resulted in being respawned in the Battle of Stoicism arena
- replaced the second giant rat in The Depths with another enemy
- fixed an issue where Iron Tarkus could turn invisible randomly
- deleted the buggy elite knight that somehow ended up being in Lost Izalith
- added a serpent warrior to the lower half of Sen´s Fortress and changed the position of the mimic
- fixed an issue where sometimes Kalameet died on his own
- there are now as many ghosts in New Londo as in vanilla (some were deleted before)

- changed the positions of almost every non-warpable bonfire in the game
- fixed an issue where something died right at the start of The Depths resulting in the player getting 300 Souls for nothing
- changed the positions of almost every mimic in the game
- fixed an issue where resting at the lordvessel and dying / using a homeward bone respawned the player in the Kiln of the first flame
- shuffled a few item-corpses around
- made small changes to a lot of the areas

- fixed a strange issue where the the crow in the "transport back to Asylum"-cutscene had kaathes model and was glitchy as hell
- fixed the Four Kings bug..AGAIN (because I was stupid and while doing v1.8 I edited the bugged mapfile of 1.6 :/ )

- item shuffle for the entire game
- changed the black phantoms in the Depths back to normal ones
- tried to fix the strange multiplayer bug (needs confirmation)
- changed the positions for almost every chest and corpse
- added new enemies to the game
- added the cut content armor sets of the elite cleric and the blacksmith mage into the game
- changed Tarkus' and Claw-Hollow loot
- slightly changed what merchants sell
- some minor changes to the areas
- some minor fixes

- fixed an issue where some corpses in undead burg were invisible

- Fixed an invisible corpse at the beginning of Undead Burg
- Fixed the AI of the broken Balder knights in Undead Burg
- Changed the AI of the first Balder knight in Undead Burg, so he has a little bit less health
- Fixed the issue, where the butcher lady before Depths bonfire always ran to the bonfire while resting there
- Fixed the hollow that spawned where the wyvern first lands in Undead Burg
- Fixed invisible items in Darkwood Forest and the Painted World
- Small changes to Darkwood Forest und Undead Burg
- Lowered the HP of the Balder NPCs and the butcher ladies

- Fixed another invisible corpse in Undead Burg (this was the last one now!)

- Fixed an issue where it was impossible to obtain the Black Iron Set when obtaining the Painting Guardian Set first
- Changed the position of the first stone knight in Darkwood Basin
- Changed the greataxe in Depths to something else
- Changed the drop of the Undead Merchant (because it was still possible to get the key from him)
- Fixed two invisible corpses in Tomb of the Giants
- Changed the HP of chained prisoners
- Deleted the giant in Tomb of the Giants next to the first bonfire

- Fixed an issue where Dusk was not spawning
- Fixed an issue where some of the giant skeletons in Nito's boss room had Pinwheel's model and did not move
- Added a new forest hunter
- Minor tweaks to Undead Burg
- Raised HP of Velka Pardoners in painted world
- Moved Solaire in Anor Londo. He is now sitting at the bonfire again
- Changed Painted World bonfire location back to normal
- Fixed an issue where a Crystal hollow attacked the player at Duke's Archives bonfire
- Fixed two invisible corpses in Tomb of the Giants

- Temporarily fixed an issue where Ingward disappeared and Siegmeyer and Patches died at some point in the game
- I had to delete the added NPCs in Undead Burg and The Depths, but I will add them again

- Finally fixed the annoying NPC-dying bug
- Added my NPCs in Undead Burg and The Depths again
- Fixed the issue where the chest in Firelink Shrine made it possible to obtain some key items before finding them in the world
- Raised the HP of Pinwheel so he is actually a boss now
- fixed an issue where the player got 2000 souls while fighting Pinwheel
- Added the "Escape Death"-miracle to the game

- Fixed the issue where the player was kicked out of the Painted World bonfire while resting at it
- Changed the position of the Sealer-NPC in Blighttown
- Changed the position of the Ogre in Blighttown that was at the end of a ladder
- Changed the position of the Giant Rockworm in Demon Ruins, so he does not attack the player while resting at the bonfire
- Added a Perma-Gravelord-version of my mod

- Replaced the Bed of Chaos with a new encounter
- Changed a lot of the bosses to have new phases or added other elements that make the fights hopefully feel different
- Fixed an issue where there where two Giant Sentinels on the bridge to the moving staircase in Anor Londo when coming from Gwynevere
- Made small changes to dark Anor Londo
- Moved the chest near the bonfire in Sen´s fortress because it was possible to get stuck behind it
- Changed the gift from Petrus
- Added the missing Dark Fog-sorcery to the world
- Fixed an invisible corpse in Tomb of the Giants
- Fixed the issue where it was still possible to obtain some key-items from looting the chest in Firelink Shrine
- Fixed an issue where the player got some souls for free at the start of Blighttown

- Fixed something in the new Bed of Chaos bug that was not working as intended
- Fixed an issue where the player got some free souls when dying in the demon ruins after beating Ceaseless Discharge

- Added the whip and the parizan back to the game world
- Change position of first Drake in Valley of Drakes, because it always killed itself
- Fixed an issue where the boss music for the Four Kings only started to play after at least two kings were dead
- Fixed an issue where the Four Kings-model did not render in the death-cutscene
- Fixed an issue in the Bed of Chaos fight where the victory sound played everytime after resting at the bonfire
- Changed Nitos last boss phase
- Changed the AI of the Balder Knights in Sen´s Fortress

- Changed positions of friendly cleric warriors in Catacombs
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to kill the giant skeletons in Nito's boss fight
- Fixed an issue where one of the chaos eaters in Lost Izalith had the wrong AI resulting in glitchy movement

- Fixed various issues where enemies did not spawn under certain circumstances
- Changed the positions of the enemies on the rafters in Anor Londo
- Changed the positions of the enemies near the first bonfire in Undead Burg
- Changed the position of the second bonfire in the Catacombs, so it is not possible to lock yourself in the Catacombs anymore
- Fixed an issue where the player got 200 souls for free in Undead Parish
- Fixed an issue where the player got 1000 souls for free when entering Blighttown through the Depths
- Added support for Dark Souls:Remastered

- Mailbreaker and Caduceus Round Shield can both be found again in the game
- Fixed an issue where the Pisacas in Seath's boss room could be attacked by the Man-Eater Shells even after Seath's death
- Fixed the issue where one of the enemies near the second bonfire in Tomb of Giants aggroed while sitting at the bonfire
- Added an icon to Escape Death when picking it up
- Changed the position of one of the two infamous archers in Anor Londo
- Changed droprate of Sovenir of reprisal dropped by Crow Demons in Painted World, so players can farm it much easier
- Changed droprate of Sunlight Medal dropped by Chaos Bugs in Lost Izalith, so players can farm it much easier
- Added the Ring of Fog as a guaranteed drop in Darkwood Garden
- Fixed an invisible Corpse in the Catacombs
- Raised the HP of the friendly Black Knights in Lost Izalith
- Petrus sells two devine weapons now
- Deleted support for Dark Souls:Remastered, but I hope I will be able to fix all the issues with this version

- Added 12 new spells
- Added 13 new rings
- Fixed the bug where the skeleton wheels in Pinwheel's bossfight were invincible (what a nightmare O.o)
- Added new treasure corpses
- Added other secrets that can be found ;)
- Changed the starting gifts
- Changed the starting weapons of almost every starting class and therefore changed the stats of the starting classes
- Added an ingame-hardmode-feature for all of you seeking a challenge

- added missing descriptions, fixed a typo and fixed the crashes of the game after dying
- Fixed an issue where the bandit class had not enough dexterity to wield the starting weapon

- Fixed some text issues
- Fixed an issue where some of the new items could be looted more than once
- Rebalance of some of the new spells
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to get two rings after completing the new invasion

- Fixed an issue where getting the Dark Estus unlocked the "Dark Soul" - Achievement
- Fixed an issue where the player was not able to get two rings after finishing the new invasion
- Changed the shield of the Havel Mom in the forest to the Dark Hand
- Changed the drop of the Velka Follower NPCs
- Red-Blue Tearstone ring and Crystal Ring now break after unequipping
- Raised Escape Death duration from 20 to 30
- Bouncing Soul Orb damage was buffed
- Changed the position of Dark Soul Mass
- Fixed an issue where the player could get a second Ring of Soulfire from an unintended spot
- Fixed minor spelling errors

- Fixed an issue that caused a bug, where it was impossible to interact with certain objects (corpses, fog walls, etc.)
- Better texts (thanks to Spooky Steve and Serrara for helping me!)
- Various small issues were fixed (not notable to the player)
- Finally added support for Dark Souls:Remastered

- Added new quests
- Added new items (consumables, keys, etc.)
- Rebalancing of almost the whole game
- Added two new weapons
- Added new spells
- Added a new ring
- Changed positions of a lot of NPCs
- Changed boss attacks
- New events
- Changed enemy skins
- ...and much more ;)
for detailed info you can take a look at this Spreadsheet.

Have fun!
Until now I have spent almost a year in creating and updating this mod so I hope that you like it! If so feel free to endorse my mod, share it with your friends or tell me how much you liked it!
If there are bugs or other forms of criticism please feel free to tell me what I could improve or change. Remember: Nobody is perfect ;-)

If you encounter a bug please make sure you are using the latest version of the mod. Also check if your problem is addressed in the changelog.

Feel free to check out my other mod "The Breath of the Soul"

ps: Don´t forget to track my mod so you don´t miss the latest update.

Donation: THANK YOU!
Huge thank you to the following persons (Name that was shown to me in the donation) that have supported me by donating! You are SO awesome and I can not thank you enough!
- Hafso Hafso
- Sam Miller
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- Duncan Vansickle
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- Josef Schuster
- Guy Hinton
- Alex Omalley
- Damian Ściechowski
- Julia Anton
- Nikolai Scheel
- Last visible dog
- Christian Herweg
- Elliott Neumeister
- Yuri Kelbert
- Christoph Neuhaus
- Michael Smee
- Mike Welsh
- Bennyc500911
- Jean Lepage
- Frederic Catusse
- Martin Santana Camargo
- Živa Stele
- Spencer Geller
- Sawyer Watts
- Patrick Vogt
- Richard Wheaton
- Jonathan Fischer
You also want to donate? You can do this by going to my nexus-profile or by clicking this link: https://www.paypal.me/FTRichter
Every donation is appreciated!