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About this mod

This mod aims to provide the feeling of a fresh Dark Souls-Experience as much as possible by changing a lot in the game! There are many things to discover, so I hope that you will have fun!

Permissions and credits

This mod is a huge lore-friendly expansion that tries to make you experience a fresh but also familiar Dark Souls!
There are new enemy positions, new bonfire positions, new enemies, new quests, new NPC positions, new spells, new armor sets, new rings, new  weapons, new events, new items and much more. There are more than over thousand changes plus brand new content! So just discover it for yourself ;)

DarkSouls: Prepare to Die Again
has been on a long journey over the years, from inception as a Scholar of the First Sin-esque expansion of Dark Souls 1 to a complete rework of the scope of progression and regaining that feeling of the first run through your journey across this gaming classic. Much has now been adapted - from the addition of new spells to upgraded bosses and areas given much more meaning and a sense of cohesion across both the first and second half of the title.

Cut content has been restored, questlines brought to new glory and now also adapting your playthrough of the game... there's more to discover, more to see, all in a fashion that rings true to the design and philosophy of that original playthrough.

There are changes made to the game version number. That means that you can only connect to other players using this mod. Vanilla players are uneffected.
Please not that the online experience might not be perfect due to not being tested that much.

This is the version for Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition. You can find the remastered-version here: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksoulsremastered/mods/292

You have to unpack your Dark Souls files for this to work. (Step 1!)
  • Download my files and make sure that you have unpacked your files by using this tool: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304/
  • Navigate to your Dark Souls-DATA folder
  • Make sure to have a backup of this folder
  • Open the DATA-folder of my mod and copy EVERYTHING of it into your DATA-folder
  • Override your old files with mine
  • Launch Dark Souls via Steam

Until now I have spent almost three years in creating and updating this mod so I hope that you like it! If so feel free to endorse my mod, share it with your friends or tell me how much you liked it! You can also donate something if you want to, by using this link:

You can also become a Patron here:

Huge shoutout to FreeFallin, Gizzmo, roach, AshenOne and BOLD_FLAVOR for helping me with gameplay decisions and for coming up
with the various new texts used in v8 and v9. Thanks!

Also huge thanks to HotPocketRemix, Meowmaritus, Wulf2k, TKGP and Grimrukh for their awesome tools. Without them, I wouldn't have come this far!

Big thanks to everyone on the Modding Discord who helped me with my countless questions! You are great!

And last but not least: Thank you so for much for everyone's support over the last three years!

If you encounter a bug please make sure you are using the latest version of the mod. Also check if your problem is addressed in the changelog.

ps: Don´t forget to track my mod so you don´t miss the latest update.

Current donators (Name that was shown to me in the donation):
You are SO awesome and I can not thank you enough!
- Hafso Hafso
- Sam Miller
- Pablo Gallardo
- Michael Sarich
- Juan Vazquez Saraza
- Duncan Vansickle
- Kevin Ortego
- Josef Schuster
- Guy Hinton
- Alex Omalley
- Damian Ściechowski
- Julia Anton
- Nikolai Scheel
- Last visible dog
- Christian Herweg
- Elliott Neumeister
- Yuri Kelbert
- nihil14
- Michael Smee
- Mike Welsh
- Bennyc500911
- Jean Lepage
- Frederic Catusse
- Martin Santana Camargo
- Živa Stele
- Spencer Geller
- Sawyer Watts
- Patrick Vogt
- Richard Wheaton
- Jonathan Fischer
- Richard Hicks
- Spencer Geller
- Georgios Sinos
- Hannes Haßmann
- Heinz Kraft
- Jesse Santana
- Silencedshadow
- Joshua Hawthorne
- Wesley De Doncker
- Craig Neil
- Sythian
- William Todd
- Rafał Rott
- Jean Lepage
- John Meister
- Mark Wilcock
- Dotoricus Entertainment
- Brandon Sharp
- Michael Alward
- Blake Whitaker
- Andrew Magie

Every donation is appreciated!