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This mod is inspired by The Legend Of Zelda - Breath of the Wild and features a lot of gameplay- and mechanic changes to hopefully make you feel like you are playing a familiar but also quite different and fresh Dark Souls.
Check the description for more details.

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What is this mod?
This is my second mod for Dark Souls. The aim was to create yet another fresh Dark Souls experience.
Like I said it is inspired by The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild.
The core gameplay-element is, that weapons are much more fragile now, so you have to change weapons more often.
Because of the many other things that are also changed,
I will try to give you a feature list that covers almost every change!
"The Breath of the Soul" is based on my other mod "Prepare to die again" but there is more stuff in this one like new items, changed mechanics, different
enemy-loot, new boss fights and so on.
A lot of the enemy placements will be familiar, if you have played Prepare to die again,
but I promise that there are still enough changes made in this mod that are new :-)

Does it affect Multiplayer?
Like in "Prepare to die again", using this mod online can cause bugs/weird behaviour.
So I would reccomend that you play this mod offline. You can, like before, coop with a
friend if both of you have the mod installed.

How to use
You have to play the game in English or German, otherwise all changes made to text won´t appear in your game!
I reccomend you start a new character. Installing this mod is very easy:
  1. Download my files
  2. Download this awesome tool https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1355/ if you haven´t already --Credits go to RavagerChris37
  3. Open DSDAD (the tool you just downloaded)
  4. Drag and drop the files into DSDAD
  5. Launch Dark Souls via DSDAD
--> If anything is unclear, there is a more detailed Installation Guide in the archive

How to use
If you have unpacked your Dark Souls files, then you can still play with my mod.
Follow the "How To Install Manually.txt" in the archive! It is similar to installing
Prepare to die again, but this time there are more files. So please make sure,
that you drop everything into the correct folder.

Feature list
- Weapons will break very fast and can not be repaired normally, so you have to
check your inventory more often and consider which weapon suits best for
each situation
- Enemies drop weapons much more often
- Weapons can be upgraded by only using souls (some upgrades require additional items)
- Changes to the moveset of some weapons
- Created new items or added new effects to existing ones (New Buffs and new Healing items)
- Changed the inventory of vendors
- Changed some Weapons (Name, damage, description, scaling, effects...)
- New starting classes
- New starting gifts
- Altered and new boss fights
- More freedom to explore Lordran (More areas to go to from the beginning of the
game because of the removal of the orange fog. A lot of the game will become "optional" but will be needed to
have an easier time with the endboss)
- Event-based enemy spawn
- New changes to the level spawn but based on Prepare to die Again
- Small changes to item-loot based on Prepare to die Again
- Changed some spells
- Changed bonfire positions based on Prepare to die Again
- Changed stats of bosses
- Changed some dialogue
- Changed the positions of some vendors
- Added scaling to fists

But weapons break so fast now!

Here are some helpful advises for the start of the game (Undead Burg especially).
- In the beginning you will realize that the first weapons you get will break very fast. So make good use of them by two handing them or doing strong attacks.
- A lot of enemies are standing near a cliff, so try to kick them down! Use the environment to your advantage.
- Buy weapons at merchants. They sell an infinite amount of weapons, so in the beginning buy a few.
- Upgrading a weapon restores durability
- Buy throwing knifes, golden powder and bombs...you know, the stuff you usually DON´t buy ;-) and use them. They are great!
- Take it slowly! Check your inventory more often to see what weapon has the highest durability. For the beginning this is more important than a little more damage.
- Buy the bottomless box and store broken weapons there, in case you want to upgrade them
- You can in fact find strong weapons early by killing enemies in the Catacombs or New Londo!
- Use grindstones
- Enemies have different defence values now. Check which kind of damage is effective against which enemy
--> This should help you to beat the early game. Later on, when you are stronger you can almost go wherever you want to go to, because you then should have a lot of weapons to choose from. I wish you good luck and have fun!


Initial release of the mod

- Fixed an issue in the new Taurus Boss fight

- Fixed an issue where the event-based enemies always spawned

- Fixed an issue where the rest of the Four Kings did not attack the player after killing the first king

- Fixed a bug where the Four Kings-health bar did not disappear after killing the boss and the boss respawned after using a bonfire
- Fixed an issue where the traps in Sen´s Fortress did not shoot arrows
- Nerfed the damage of the Lord Soul´s special abilities
- All classes now start with the Pendant of the Ghost, which lets you "pause" the game to change weapons by turning into a ghost (you
don´t take any damage from enemies and you can´t damage them), but you
constantly loose some souls and health while being in this mod. You have
to start a new character to make the Pendant appear in your inventory
- Fixed an issue where the Fang Boar dropped 99 divine blessings instead of it´s normal drop

- Added scaling to fists
- Changed the position of the Undead Merchant in Undead Burg
- Lowered weapon decreasing a little bit
- Added one more weapon drop to Firelink Shrine
- Fixed an issue where one of the event-based Balder Knights always spawned

- Small text fixes
- The pendant of the Ghosts is now working (before it did nothing, ironically)

- Fixed an issue where it was possible to lock yourself in the Manus-Boss arena
- Fixed an issue where the Astora Straight Sword negated soul gain

Like always: Have fun!
I spent a lot of my freetime creating this mod so I hope that you will like it!
If so feel free to endorse my mod, share it with your friends or
tell me your opinion in the comment section.
If there are bugs or other forms of criticism please feel free to tell me what I could improve or change.
Always remember: Nobody is perfect ;-)

Make sure you are always using the latest version of the mod.
ps: Don´t forget to track my mod so you don´t miss the latest update.
If there are questions, ideas or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

Huge thank you to everybody in the Speedsouls-Discord, who answered my questions when I needed help.
Also thank you to HotPocketRemix for explaining how the event-scripts work, Meowmaritus for creating ParamVessel and TextVessel, Wulf2k for creating MSB-Edit and BND-Rebuilder and RycheNhavalys for creating a tool, that allowed me to load enemies across all maps. And huge thank you to everyone playing and streaming my mods and supporting me!