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Causes enemies to aggro onto the player from much farther away. Optional versions allow enemies to aggro without seeing the player, or make the game more difficult in a variety of other ways.

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A long time ago someone made a Cheat Engine script which caused all of the loaded enemies in the game to walk towards the player. It accomplished this by setting their "return home" point to the same coordinates as the player's current position, causing the enemies to walk to that location. It was a great concept but it caused a few big issues. It affected all NPCs that were loaded, including friendly ones, and both hostile and friendly NPCs would end up walking off ledges and just die. It also didn't balance each NPC/area individually, so some areas could completely overwhelm the player.

This mod that is inspired by the concept of that Cheat Engine script, although it works in a much different way and is done entirely through the game's files.

This mod significantly increases the distance that enemies see and hear the player, and removes the limit on how close the player must be for them to initiate combat. This means they will see you from much, much farther away, and will initiate combat as soon as they see you. I have also virtually removed the limits on how far enemies can travel from their spawn points so it'll be much harder to run away from a fight. Alternate editions of the mod are also available that emulate the behavior of the original Cheat Engine script by making enemies automatically sense your presence without needing to see you first.

This mod will only affect hostile NPCs, so you don't have to worry about friendly NPCs jumping off of cliffs or wandering around. Enemies near bonfires have been individually adjusted so they won't attack players while resting at most bonfires (does not apply to Extreme Sense Edition). I have also manually balanced a large number of other enemies so the player isn't completely overwhelmed in certain areas (again, does not apply to Extreme Sense Edition).

Hardcore variants also include the following changes:

• All enemies, including bosses, have the stat buffs of gravelord phantoms. (+100% health, +80% damage, +20% resistances)
• All gravelord phantom enemies permanently enabled. (Without their usual red auras)

1) Download and use the UnpackDarkSoulsforModding tool to unpack the game's files to a more mod-friendly format.
2) In the game's DATA folder, make a backup copy of the map and param folders so you can restore the original files later if you want to.
3) Copy the map and param folders for this mod and place them in the game's DATA folder, overwriting all original files.

Item Randomizer (Fully compatible with version 2.0 of New Aggression Mod)
Adrenaline Mode (Speeds can be adjusted to your desired level)
Disable Enemy Health Bars
Bonfire Input Fix (if you want to play at 60 FPS)

This mod is for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition only! If you're playing Dark Souls Remastered, please use this mod instead.
I appreciate all feedback and will consider all suggestions to help improve this mod as much as I can.
Contact: Comments (mod-related), Twitter (general)