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A compilation a mods, and some multilingual programs to install and manage them.

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Dark-Souls-Mod-Installer (DSMI) is a compilation of mods for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, and some multilingual programs to install and manage them. The aim is to provide a lore-friendly starter pack for people who don't want to spend time installing and configuring files to play decently.

It is advised to use the last, fully-patched Steam version of the game so that all the mods work as intended.

Installed mods

Installable mods

[Gamepad icons]

[dvdbnd3 mods]

Optional mods also included

How to use it

Install Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition with Steam.
First install ? Launch the game once, to make Steam install some prerequisites. Once on the main screen, you can exit.

Create a shortcut for "DSMI\Programs\DSMI-MainLauncher", and put it wherether you want.

  • Run DSMI Main Launcher
  • Click "Project settings" to define the global settings of the project
  • Click "Install mods" to install all DSMI files/folders
  • Click "Settings" to configure the game
  • Click "Play" to run game + DSCM


  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (Steam)
  • .NET framework 4.5

Source code


This still is a work in progress : feedback, suggestions or even requests are welcome.
Also it's a training project : the code is not as clean as it could be, though it has been improved a lot over the months !
Sean Pesce released a very similar project : see this link 

My other files

Alternative starting classes
Dark Souls Metal
Gaiden Souls
Improved texts
Less noisy body armors
No more subtitles in intro video