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Instead of increasing chance to avoid an attack completely, armor now reduces the damage you take, based on the material as well as the type of attack. Skills now determine most of your chance to avoid attacks, including many more features.

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  • Version 1.30, 10/4/2020: Added "Soft Material Requirements" module. This module allows any entity to be damaged by any weapon, despite the material it is made from. However, there is a heavy damage penalty for using less than the minimum required material, this penalty increases as the material values get further away from each other.

  • Version 1.20, 7/24/2020: 
  • Clearly Armed Monster Now Have Weapons In Attack Formula. So instead of a Skeleton Warrior having an attack count as "unarmed", they will be given a steel war-axe as their sprite represents for purposes of the damage and condition damage calculations.
  • Minor Improvements To Condition Damage Warning Messages, Also Added Magic Item Name Support. Still not the best solution, as it still has some spam, but better than before, especially the added RPR:I added item support, magic items properly displaying their names, as well as general optimization of method.
  • Finalized Bonus & Phobia Method, also made it so enemies benefit from its bonus as well, as well as hand-to-hand use. Also altered all of the enemy stats to "balance" around some enemies having multiple attacks in one animation cycle of their attacks.
  • Changed Weapon Proficiencies To Be Based On Attributes, No Longer Player Level. With this made each weapon type has different attributes effect the bonus. I could do even more interesting stuff with these, but for now this will work.
  • Changed Racial Modifiers To Be Based On Attributes, No Longer Player Level. With this, each weapon type has different attributes effect the bonus. Added a few races to the default list, similar to Ralzar's Races Redone.
  • Took Crack At Balancing Armor Durability Damage Against Higher Level Enemies. Basically made armor and shields take less damage in general from damage, but it should still be enough to be noticeable, hopefully it works better.
  • Added "Condition Based Effectiveness" Mechanic/Setting, Also fixed some bugs, specifically bluntWeapons not being used as I expected in the main damage formula. With this added mechanic, weapons and armor will be more or less effective based on their current durability value. For example, you will get a damage bonus for having "New" or "Almost New" status on your equipment, and eventually the reverse effect on the lower ends of durability.
  • Added "Fading Enchanted Items" module and toggle setting. This module makes it so Enchanted weapons and armor broken through physical combat will be destroyed from the player's inventory. This is to keep behavior consistent with other magic items that are "broken" in other ways besides combat.

  • Version 1.15, 7/19/2020: Updated For DFU v0.10.25.

  • Version 1.15, 7/4/2020: Added Compatibility with added armor items from Roleplay Realism: Items. Also more intuitive compatibility with Roleplay Realism and Meaner Monster mods, thanks to Ralzar. As well as small code changes for better readability. Confirmed fully functional with DFU v0.10.23, and likely most other version. Also changes to how different types of shields function. Forgot to mention, the "Phobia" and "Bonus" advantages and disadvantages had been redone pretty significantly, Human enemies are now effected by the respective "Humanoid" versions of these traits, and Willpower now plays a major role in how bad a phobia of an enemy effects the player's ability to damage said enemy, as well as how much more damage the player deals to an enemy they have a "bonus" against. Player Level is no longer a factor.

  • Version 1.10, 4/5/2020: Updated For DFU v0.10.22.

  • Version 1.10, 4/3/2020: 
  • Changed how shields work, now attacks against an entity with a shield equipped roll if the shield will be the piece of armor that is doing the damage reduction, or if the armor under it does instead, the chances are much higher for parts of the body that the shield would normally cover, but there is also a smaller chance for other body parts to be protected by the shield as well, a much lower chance, but still a chance. The chances of having the shield reduce the damage are based on the stats of the character, Luck, Endurance, Strength, Willpower, and mostly Agility, and Speed, determine these odds.
  • With how this mods works, a shield could actually be a detriment for damage reduction, if the armor under said shield was actually "better" than the shield doing the blocking. For example, a leather shield blocking an attack that would have otherwise been taken by a daedric helm would actually deal more damage than if you did not have the shield at all. This issue has been fixed. Now if a piece of "under armor" has a better damage reduction value than the shield currently equipped, the shield will be ignored, and the better under-armor piece will reduce the damage instead. So you will no longer be punished for using a shield of low value with under-armor of better value.
  • Minor change to the hit-odds of some of the body parts. Feet are now more likely to be hit than the head, and legs are more likely to be hit than the hands.

  • Physical combat formulas reworked significantly
  • Armor now works similar to Oblivion/Skyrim, incoming damage reduced by a percentage based on armor material
  • Shields now roll a chance to block, significantly reducing damage taken from the blocked attack, block chance determined primarily by shield type and wielder attributes
  • Attributes and Dodge skill are the primary determiners for if you completely "dodge/avoid" an attack, armor no longer has an effect on this
  • Critical Strike skill completely reworked, now increases damage dealt on successful crit instead of just accuracy. Multiplier and odds increase as skill increases
  • Combat focused character traits buffed/changed significantly. Most no longer level based but attribute based. Traits changed: Adrenaline Rush, Bonus and Phobias, Weapon Proficiency
  • Racial combat bonuses changed in similar way, removed level based scaling instead for attribute based. Also added more of the races to have weapon specific bonuses
  • Extra "Natural" damage reduction based on attributes, some enemies also have strengths and weaknesses to different weapon types like bladed and blunt types. Also more vulnerable to silver
  • Custom changes to Ralzar's "Meaner Monsters" mod for better balance with this mod specifically, generally enemies more difficult, some weaker though
  • Much more detailed and complex equipment condition damage and degradation through combat. Overall will have to maintain armor and weapons more often
  • Condition Based Equipment Effectiveness Feature, the more well maintained blade will cut better than a dull one basically, also applies to armor
  • Soft Material Requirements Feature, allows any entity to be damaged by any material weapon, but increasingly less effective the further from the minimum requirement that material is
  • Some features can be toggled on and off in the mod settings


  • Armor has been changed from having the D&D "Armor Class" rule-set, where better armor would give the wearer a better AC, which would make them harder to hit. This mod changes this entire system, now better armor now instead REDUCES how much damage is taken when hit by a physical attack. Similar to more modern Elder Scrolls games, such as Oblivion, this has more detail than that system though.

  • Skills are now what determines your odds of avoiding an attack completely or not. Armor is there to help protect you when you are unable to avoid an attack. With this, the dodge skills has a MUCH higher factor in your avoidance chances, double from classic values. This also works the same for all enemies as well.

  • With the theme of wanting skills and innate traits and abilities having more impact on a characters ability to fight well, weapons have had their Hit Bonus 
    nerfed massively. That daedric sword will now give +14 to the wielders hit chance, instead of the classic +60. With this chance, skills now have a far larger impact on a characters ability to hit things. Weapon skills now scale 150% with your skill, instead of 100%.

  • Combat focused racials have been buffed. The Adrenaline Rush special advantage has been buffed, and also triggers at a higher threshold of health than before.

  • Critical Strike has been reworked completely. When you or an enemies lands a critical strike, the damage of that hit will be multiplied, this value increases 
    as the critical strike skill increases, as well as the classic effect of having an increased hit-chance on that strike as well. With this much more powerful version of the critical strike skill, it now has a much more rare chance of happening, which is determined by the skill as well, the luck attribute now also increases the odds of landing a critical strike. So with 100 CS skill and 50 luck, your chance to land a crit is 25%, and with 100 CS and 100 luck, chance is 50%. The damage multiplier goes up to 200% for the player, and 150% for monsters.

  • Damage reduction does not just occur for those using armor. Willpower, Strength, and Endurance all have an effect on the "Natural" physical damage resistance of the player and enemies. Endurance has double the effect that Willpower and Strength have. This natural damage reduction is capped at 20%, both negative and positive. This effect also stacks additively when wearing armor and shields, so it always benefits you, whether naked or armored like a tank.

  • Some monsters also have an innate damage reduction as well, this is to simulate them having armor, that they clearly are wearing in their sprite, but not actually being able to wear armor. This includes many enemies such as the Skeletal Warrior, Daedroths, and Daedra Lord, just to list a few.

  • Shields now serve a much more effective purpose than before. Shields work the same way in that they protect a few parts of a characters body, but instead of adding a meager AC score like in classic, they now add a very significant damage reduction for the parts of the body they protect, and this damage reduction gets better and better as the MATERIAL of the shield improves. So you won't want to just use that leather tower-shield for long, because it will be vastly out-classed in terms of protection and durability by the higher tier materials. Now those Daedric shields actually have a purpose!

  • Since shields are now much more powerful. It also seemed like a good idea to give 2-handed weapons a reason to be used. You now benefit double from the strength modifier for damage while using any 2-handed weapons that are not bows.

  • With the focus on skills and attributes effecting hit-chance in mind. Luck now has a slightly higher impact on avoiding being hit. Speed is now taken into account for both hitting and being hit, but at half the effect that agility now has.

  • More enemies have been added to the previously exclusive to the Skeletal Warrior club of "Takes double damage from silver". This now includes enemies that would make sense to also have this "weakness". Werewolf, Wereboar, Ghost, Wraith, Vampire, and Mummy.

  • Finally, a big addition for the "balance" of this mod is a custom for this overhaul edit of Ralzar's "Meaner Monsters" mod, which changes the primary combat stats of many enemies in the game, with the intention of making them more of a challenge overall. ALL of the vanilla monsters in Daggerfall have been changed in some way, most of them being much more powerful than their original forms.


  • If you want EXACT numbers and information on how some mechanics and formula work in this mod, under the hood. You can look at the source code yourself from the github linked lower down. You can also email/post a thread on the parent forum post linked below and I would be happy to answer any questions.


  • Equipment Damage Enhanced
  • Fading Enchanted Items
  • Fixed Strength Damage Modifier
  • Armor Hit Formula Redone
  • Critical Strikes Increase Damage
  • Condition Based Effectiveness
  • Soft Material Requirements

Sorry for how verbose this mod description is. I feel that's it's necessary to detail how it works in this way, otherwise many of the changes would be very difficult to observe in a short test, since all of this is going on in the background. If you have an questions feel free to contact me on the forums:(https://forums.dfworkshop.net/index.php)

My Forum Account Name Is: Magicono43

Main Forum Post: https://forums.dfworkshop.net/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=3557

Github Repository: https://github.com/magicono43/DFU-Mod_Physical-Combat-And-Armor-Overhaul

I hope to make more mods in this vein.


There can potentially be some conflict between this mod and others that modify similar things. The main issues would arise if another mod also alters 

the "DamageEquipment" method in the "FormulaHelper.cs" script. As of now, mods such as "RoleplayRealism" should be compatible, as a separate method 

is overridden. The best bet would be to have this lower in the load-order if you happen to be experiencing some issues. I.E. Make my mod load 5th, and 

the possibly likely incompatible mod load as 4th, etc.


Unzip and open the folder that matches your operating system (Windows/OSX/Linux)

Copy the "PhysicalCombatAndArmorOverhaul.dfmod" into your DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods folder

Make sure the mod is enabled and "Mod system" is enabled in the starting menu under "Advanced -> Enhancements"


Remove "PhysicalCombatAndArmorOverhaul.dfmod" from the "StreamingAssets/Mods" folder.