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Changes the Damage, HP, Level and Armor of some monsters in the game. Mostly to buff them.

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Dream Users: Make sure this mod is put ABOVE the DREAM mods in the mod list to avoid a couple of monsters reverting to vanilla graphics.

Meaner Monsters

This mod is intended to be used together with Unleveled Mobs, but can also be used on its own.

This mod changes the stats of a selection of monsters in the game that I felt were poorly represented.

At the moment, the mod does the following:

  • Debuff rats/bats for a slightly softer start in Privateers Hold.
  • Debuffs Spiders and Scorpions levels, to make their paralysis effect have shorter duration.
  • Buff Werewolfs/Wereboars. Generally more durability for boars, and more armor for wolves.
  • Increases size of werewolfs and werboars.
  • Buffs Bears and Tigers. Generally more durability for bears, more armor/damage for tigers.
  • Buffs Highest tier mobs like Deadra Lords, Liches and Vampire Ancients
  • Buffs Mummies.
  • Buffs Giants.
  • Buffs all Orc types.
  • Debuffs zombies.
  • Buffs and differentiates Atronach types.
  • Introduces Large Dragonling in wilderness spawns.