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This mod makes playing a vampire character arguably enjoyable, by providing proper vampire character portraits and options to improve annoying bloodlust mechanic.

Permissions and credits
All options are set to vanilla by default, so remember to adjust before starting the game!

Changelog (+v0.51):

  • Portrait swap - modifies condition for portrait swap (always/during bloodlust/never)
  • Portrait assets - enables custom portraits replacement per face (vanilla has one portrait per race+gender)
  • Bloodlust anxiety - enables a character to rest/loiter during bloodlust
  • Days to Bloodlust - adjust how long it takes a vampire to reach bloodlust state.

Changelog (+v0.8):

  • Ability to override vampiric portraits - now you can override vampiric portraits through loose files or by your own mod. See readme for more info.

Changelog (+v0.9):

  • Better compatibility with other mods - The DaggerallRestWindow override is no longer required, so this should fix any compatibility issues with mods that tinker with the loiter/rest mechanics.

[Requires DaggerfallUnity v0.10.27+]


Place dfmod file (or extracted directory) inside %DaggerfallUnity%/DaggerfallUnity_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods (Vortex should do this for you).

for additional information see the readme section.