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Replaces all of Daggerfall's music files with environmental ambience.

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The Why
This mod replaces all of Daggerfall's music files with environmental sound effects. How music in Daggerfall plays is insanely repetitive because it plays one track per day per environment and restarts the same tracks over and over. You will probably listen to the same track 30 times in just one in-game day as you enter and exit buildings. I am not knocking the soundtrack itself, just how Daggerfall's music system works.

The How
My stop-gap solution to this is to replace the music files with ambient sounds that are as unintrusive as possible. This allows you to play your own music in the background (I highly recommend Spotify Soundtracks by Macadaynu) or to play the game with no music at all and still have background environmental audio. There are inherent limitations to this as the game plays the same music tracks in a lot of places. One example is daytime music that plays in both High Rock as in Hammerfell. I thus had to tailor the ambience to be as neutral as possible so it would make sense playing in the winter of Hammerfell to the summer of High Rock. Winter definitely suffers the most from this system, but it's not too bad.

Also expect the sound of students at work in the Mages Guild, the murmur of monks and priests in temples, the jubilation of patrons in taverns, and
the chatter of the king's court in castles.

The Where
I sourced various sound files from free audio sites like Pixabay and Mixkit. Day ambience was recorded from Skyrim, night ambience from theHunter: Call of the Wild, and dungeon exterior wind from DayZ. I recommend installing Better Ambience for better rain sound.

Please note that I have edited each file to loop seamlessly but Daggerfall Unity does not always seem to loop sound effects properly, sometimes causing small gaps between playback.

The Install
To install place the Sound folder inside DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets. The checkbox for Alternate Music under Audio must be disabled in DFU's launcher.