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Joshua Steinhauer

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Adds several modular features: camera shaking, better footsteps, better weather, and dungeon reverb + fog

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A mod that adds a bit more ambience to your Daggerfall :)


  • Better sounding footsteps
  • Armor shuffle sound
  • Dungeon reverb (Adds reverb effect when in dungeons)
  • Dungeon fog (Random fog, per dungeon, plus ambient lighting!)
  • Dungeon visual effects (AO, vignette)
  • Camera Shake (Shake on damage)
  • Better Rain (Just some tweaks, plus better sound)

All of these features can be disabled individually :)


  • Updated to support Daggerfall 0.13.2 (Thank you Kévin "Kab" Boissonneault!)
  • Fixed issue with fog not updating when loading
  • Added option to disable custom footstep sounds
  • Fixed issue with Improved Interior Lighting player torches
  • Fixed issue with travel option footstep spam
  • Fixed issue with some settings not applying
  • Added ambient lighting effects to Foggy Dungeon module
  • Added dungeon darkness tweaker
  • Added Better Rain module - this makes rain and snow particles look a little better, as well as making it rain harder when it storms. Also
  • added a better rain sound!
  • Initial combination

Remove These Mods If Installed
I've decided to stop spamming daggerfall modlists with all of my little mods, and instead merging them into one - Better Ambience. The following mods should be removed, since all of their features are in this mod!

If you want to see how this mod works, or use parts of it, feel free to check out the Source Code!