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Joshua Steinhauer

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Adds several modular features: camera shaking, better footsteps, better weather, and dungeon reverb + fog

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A mod that adds a bit more ambience to your Daggerfall :)


  • Better sounding footsteps
  • Armor shuffle sound
  • Dungeon reverb (Adds reverb effect when in dungeons)
  • Dungeon fog (Random fog, per dungeon, plus ambient lighting!)
  • Dungeon visual effects (AO, vignette)
  • Camera Shake (Shake on damage)
  • Better Rain Shader
  • Better Rain Sounds + Interior Rain Sounds
All of these features can be disabled individually :)

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  • (NEW) Added interior rain sounds
  • (NEW) Added interior rain sounds when near dungeon exists
  • (NEW) Made dungeon fog brightness affected by "Dungeon Darkness" value
  • Added an improved rain shader + texture
  • Increased amount of rain during thunderstorms
  • Decreased volume of rain sound
  • Removed AO + Vignette features, since DFU now supports that out of the box

  • Updated to support Daggerfall 0.13.2 (Thank you Kévin "Kab" Boissonneault!)

  • Fixed issue with fog not updating when loading
  • Added option to disable custom footstep sounds
  • Fixed issue with Improved Interior Lighting player torches
  • Fixed issue with travel option footstep spam
  • Fixed issue with some settings not applying
  • Added ambient lighting effects to Foggy Dungeon module
  • Added dungeon darkness tweaker
  • Added Better Rain module - this makes rain and snow particles look a little better, as well as making it rain harder when it storms. Also
    added a better rain sound!
  • Initial combination

If you want to see how this mod works, or use parts of it, feel free to check out the Source Code!

My Twitter: twitter.com/joshcamas
My Discord: TheCoolerJoshcamas#5370