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An alternate main quest mod where a protagonist "NPC" completes it as the weeks and months go by, therefore allowing the player to make up his own story while the events of Daggerfall unfold.

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DPMQ is an alternate main quest mod where you are not the protagonist. Instead, an Agent "NPC" is and he or she progressively completes the main quest as the weeks and months go by. You will never see the Agent, but you will hear about the main quest's progression by asking about rumors and via descriptive messages that appear once the quests are completed. You cannot hinder or help the Agent in his or her task.

Once you start a new game, you will be presented with a setup where you enable DPMQ and disable the main quest for you. Make sure to answer "YES" to the two other messages regarding the main quest's deactivation for the player.

You will also need to select which timeline you want, either the normal or canon timeline. This determines how long the main quest lasts. The normal timeline lasts around the same time as a normal player would need, which is close to 3 in-game years. The canon timeline lasts 12 years, with longer breaks between quests.

When all of that is done, you're free to go out adventuring on your own while the events of the Iliac Bay unfold.

Using Magicono43's Random Starting Dungeon or choosing the option to start the game outside of Privateer's Hold from Daggerfall Unity's configuration menu is recommended.


DPMQ is not compatible with mods that affect the main quest, such as Jehuty's Optional Main Quest or A New Main Quest.
See the next section for a workaround.


Either install using Vortex Mod Manager or install manually as described below.

If you already have a character doing the main quest or with any other mod affecting the main quest, it is recommended to install DPMQ on a separate Daggerfall Unity installation to avoid conflicts with your current characters. Simply make a copy of your DFU installation folder, ensure you remove any main quest mod you have by following its provided uninstallation instructions, and then install DPMQ.

Extract the content of the archive to the StreamingAssets of your Daggerfall Unity directory.

Example : [Your drive]\DagUnity\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets

The quest files will be in QuestPacks and Quests. Since it overwrites 2 of the game's quest files, the original version of these files is provided if you want to remove DMPQ.


1. Remove the "DPMQ" folder under "QuestPacks\Cliff"
2. In the "Quests\DPMQOriginal" folder, take the 3 quest files "_BRISIEN", "S0000977" and "S0000999" and move them to "Quests", which will overwrite DPMQ's modifications and revert the files back to the originals.


For obvious reasons, this works only with a new game.