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Changes the exterior of 1750 dungeons to fit the dungeon type and name. You will no longer see the "cave mound" entrance for castles, citadels, prisons, crypts, etc.

Permissions and credits
Fixed Dungeon Exteriors changes the exterior of 1750 dungeons to fit the dungeon type and name. You will no longer see the common "cave mound" entrance for castles, citadels, prisons, crypts, etc. In addition, it fixes several mismatched ground textures.

Specifically, those are the changes for the following location types : 

Aviaries/Aeries/Roosts/Coops/Nests/Mews (Harpies)-> Trees
Nests (not harpies)-> Mounds/Trees
Excavations/Mines/Lodes/Barrows/Caverns/Caves/Tunnels/Holes/Pits/Hollows/Grottos/Lairs/Quarries-> Mounds
Webs-> Mounds/Trees
Haunts/Houses-> Castle Ruins
Assemblies/Councils/Communities/Convocations/Gatherings/Convergences-> Mounds/Ruins/Castle Ruins/Trees
Cultuses/Cabals/Covens/Cults/Circles/Conclaves/Traditions-> Mounds/Trees/Cairns/Ruins
Laboratories-> Ruins/Mounds
Castles/Citadels/Holds/Guards/Towers/Forts/Fortresses/Strongholds-> Castles
Tombs/Crypts/Sepulchers/Vaults/Graves/Mausoleums-> Graveyards
Cairns-> Cairns
Prisons/Asylums/Geols/Houses of Correction/Dungeons/Penintetiaries/Reformatories-> Castles (except those with siege weapons)
Ruins of Castles/Citadels/Holds/Guards/Towers/Forts-> Ruined castles
Ruins of villages-> Ruins
Cloisters/Monasteries/Cathetrals/Temples/Abbeys/Academies/Friaries/Hermitages/Manses/Minsters/Rectories/Convents/Shrines-> Ruins

One graveyard exterior that was used for graveyard dungeons didn't have an entrance door. This was fixed.


Either install using Vortex Mod Manager or install manually as described below.

Extract the content of the archive to the StreamingAssets of your Daggerfall Unity directory.

Example : [Your drive]\DagUnity\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets

The .dfmod file will be installed in "Mods".

In-game, activate Fixed Dungeon Exteriors from the mod launcher.

May cause issues with classic saves imported in Daggerfall Unity. I recommend enabling the mod only after correctly importing your classic file.
Compatible with both new and active save games.


None known.

If you encounter any issue with the mod, please let me know.