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Alternate JoyToy edition for an oiled look! Enhanced skin shaders for a less plastic appearance with deeper pores and increased micro detail density. Increases visual fidelity without increasing resource consumption with higher resolution textures.

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First release covers general skin shaders and Judy mesh properties. I plan to add more support if there is enough interest.

This mod alters the skin shader system to increase visual quality without the need for HD skin textures.


  • Is this compatible with X mod?
At the moment, I am only modifying the shaders and micro detail textures themselves, NOT base normal/albedo textures, as well as the mesh parameters for Judy, as seen here.
I do not see this interfering with texture mods in any way but it could be overridden by mods altering the meshes.

  • Will this work with player models, NPCs, both male and female?

The skin shaders are applied across the board for all NPCs and player UNLESS their mesh overrides the default value. This means that it can also apply to male character models (I only showcased female because Judy is fine).

  • Support for other versions?

Support for 1.61 and below? Probably not. Sorry.

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