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This is a collection of my good to have weapon tweaks updated for 2.1 and a few of new ones. They will make your gameplay only better.

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Everything is separated into own files, you can simply remove what you don't wish to have in your game from the list.

The list of mods:
  • Rifle scopes and rifle muzzle brakes were added to Defender. Thanks for 2.0 but a scope on Defender feels like home. And why not to add a muzzle brake to that.
  • E255 Percipient scope is modified to be a sniper scope. This way the rifles have their own too.
  • Grad 10 round magazine. Made to be a reference to the real world.
  • KairoSA-1 and SO-21 Saika scopes are added to Grad. Gives some sort of opportunity to use this weapon as an assault rifle. Fun to try. 
  • E305 scope is now in use on handguns too. This just looks super cool and on it's place. And the handguns just got a sniper scope.
  • Kenshin-turbo. This mod turns Kenshin into automatic firearm. Yet I admit it was more fun with that back in 1.63.
  • MA70 scopes. Disabled in 2.0 rifle scopes are added back and on top of that adds the scopes from Grad. Puts in shock just from a view.
  • Nekomata 5 round magazine. Made to be a reference to the real world and it's really dumb to have 4.
  • Grad-scopes on Nekomata. Like in 1.63. Plus KairoSA-1 comes with transfer from Grad for the same gameplay.
  • Rifle scopes on Pulsar instead of handgun scopes. Again the look explains everything.
  • Quasar automatic trigger. This mod makes primary fire on Quasar to be in auto-fire too (it's better to use in short bursts). Like why not. Single fire on this weapon is useless.
  • Saratoga rifle scopes. The same as for Pulsar.
  • SOR-22 headshot damage 250%. Because in 1.63 the weapon had wall penetration, so that means it's a sniper rifle and it looks exactly like a sniper rifle. Why it's unplayable if unmodded, because headshot damage is not enough. Simple. Solved.
  • All the sniper scopes fit to SOR22 to make it an universal weapon.
  • Bug fix: Legendary sniper scopes can't be equipped.
  • SOR-22 uses sniper rounds.
  • Dian and Sidewinder can be used in driver combat.
  • Punknife and Neurotoxin knives' headshot damage is 200%. Because without this, these high-tech knives look worse than a regular knife.
  • Handguns and revolver weights are 1 point less. Otherwise, their weight is confusing compared to other weapons.

You need teh gaem first and teh bug in it to install the mod.

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