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Mod that fixes a bug re-introduced in game version 1.5+ which uses wrong bone offsets for all customisation options except the first, leading to badly clipping eyes in many positions.

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The mod fixes major issues with facial poses due to wrong bone offsets being used for all face options except the very first one. Correct positions for all morphs are now restored and fix the awful eye clipping along with giving V the ability to close their eyes again. Shapes are also mildly improved due to the correct offsets being used in animations. 

This is a bugfix. CDPR had fixed these issues in game version 1.3, but for inexplicable reasons they disabled it all again from 1.5 onwards.

Since this was still not officially fixed by the devs I updated the mod for game version 2.0 and Phantom Liberty.

Please Note: Other mods that modify V's entity file such as PMU and MPAF can cause problems aswell. If you are still bald in PM after using this update, contact the authors of the respective mods to update theirs as well.

If you enjoy my work, you can support me on Ko-fi ♥ 


Simply extract the files into your Cyberpunk 2077 main directory.

Restores partial functionality of mods such as Carbine's NPC Heads and other mods relying on meshes adapting to the face bones. Will break pre-shape keyed mods that were made to work around 1.5+ changes! 


The Wolvenkit Team for their amazing work on the program
Zwei for the pics
Johnson for Unique V Rig and allowing a patch for it
Halvkyrie for Morph Texture Remover
Deceptious and Erok for the lovely chats about this stuff

Thank you to everybody who submits images to my mod pages! ♥ You guys make my day every time! 


Please do not redistribute my mods and the assets within!

If you wish to update your mod with the fix, use WKit and copy the component "FacialCustomization7287" from mine to your entity file(s).

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!