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Hi! I'm Halvkyrie, Chaotic Neutral, Computer fanatic, Music addict, Future Goddess, and Procrastination Overlord.
A bit of joking aside, (even though it's mostly true), I'm a music student, and got into modding in early 2021, and have since a lot of fun. I'm especially interested in character, clothing and vehicle related modding stuff, so that's usually the type of mods i make. There are exceptions, of course.
Outside of modding things, I also like pink, my friends, music, cats, +++

I try to always respond to people, but sometimes the response i get can be overwhelming so i cant reply to everything. The best way to reach out to me is via Discord.
My handle is Halvkyrie#4000

Since i prefer to keep my personal details to myself, i do not have a paypal account linked, so if you wish to make a donation, please use


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