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Changes V's Yaiba to a custom recolor of the animals_03 varaint.

Permissions and credits
This is a basic standalone appearance mod that changes v's yaiba kusanagi to a custom recolor of the animals_03 variant.
-Should be compatible with most other vehicle mods, except those that change the model or variant of V's yaiba. Tested with CVO & CVO Gear Rework
-builds off the back of dimanik's fantastic 'Change your Favorite Motorcycles' mod - I recommend this to change your apollo and arch. yaiba variant options are not compatible, but can be made available on request.

Download .zip and extract to your base Cyberpunk2077 folder
Be sure to only install one variant at once.
To uninstall simply delete the relevant .archive from your /mod folder. they are named with the structure 'basegame_custom_yaiba_[variant]'.

Known problems:
- low poly model still uses original colors. this is only seen from a long distance & briefly when the model is loaded.
- can cause crash on first load if you're in close proximity to several different yaiba variants (eg: by the biker gang in northside). if this happens simply reload the game.
-Some variants may produce strange/ ugly color schemes on gang bikes. if you notice any particularly egregious ones please report them and i will fix.

Under the Hood:
-modifies v_sportbike1_yaiba_kusanagi_basic_01.ent to change the player bike to the animals_03 variant
-modifies to change the tires of the animals_03 variant to the default color with decals on the rear tire.
-modifies most yaiba .mlsetup files, even some unused by this model (so that bikes in the world don't look too odd).
the .mlsetups actually used by this model are:
_black.mlsetup (rear axle),
_yellow.mlsetup (body),
_rogue_01.mlsetup (seat, headlight, exhaust),
_01.mlsetup (front axle),
_kit_01_dark.mlsetup (air filter),
_wheel_yellow.mlsetup (wheels, who woulda thunk),
_tire_default.mlsetup (yes that's the tires)

Wishlist/future addons:
- Change all player yaiba sounds to misfit variant
- Change emissive of light to a xenon blue
- Color co-ordinate Neon component

Open to requests to be added to the set.