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Full and partial pose packs to use with Nora Lee's framework! Take advantage of 1.5's addition of spawning props in photomode with specialized poses!

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1.6 Update:
Everything is working for me, but if you encounter any issues please let me know.

Take advantage of 1.5's spawning of props with these specialized poses! Even better, use full animations with them! This requires Nora Lee's framework to work. If you haven't read through the documentation for the framework, please do so! Nora has very thorough documentation and does a better job explaining than I do.

Previews for phone poses, gun poses, and knife animations available via mega download. So much appreciation to a-pirate for the taking all the reference photos and making gifs! Love to SteelPhoto for letting me borrow their boy Jules!

For Masc V only. See Fem V version here.

If you are new to using photomode pose mods and animations, see the "Intro to Photomode Poses & Animations" section below.


Static poses
Full, regular sets are named with "default". Partial pose packs will have the priority number added to the name. Smoking pose packs use "The Pensive Philosopher", "Break Time", and "Last Drag Before the Gig". Unlike the fem version, the "Last Drag" pose sadly is not available to take an animation at this time, so I only created static poses.

  • Install zz_NLD_MultiPosePackFramework_Core_10
  • To use with a compatible pose pack that does not use the smoking poses, use the 00X archive for the selected poses (see below for known compatible packs)
  • To override a pose pack that uses the smoking slots (i.e., pre-1.5), use the override archive (if available)
  • Use one static pose set at a time per type, and one static pose set per priority number
    CORRECT = static_smoking_002.archive + static_knife_003.archive; different priority order (002 vs 003), different poses -> all good!
    WRONG = static_smoking_1_002.archive + static_smoking_2_003; the 002 archive overrides 003 because they use the same photomode poses
    WRONG = static_smoking_002.archive + static_knife_002; the first 002 in load order will override the second 002

Knife animations
Replaces the static pose "With a Knife". The files are named as static because they replace a static slot, but they are in fact animated! They should be treated like static poses, however. The same rules apply as with the static poses -- install the framework core and Add_AnimationEnabler_AllAttachments. Use only one knife pose at a time, and only one file with the same priority order number.

Note: For the animation to work properly, the "With a Knife" slot must be unassigned by any pose pack mod. Any mod that assigns a pose to that slot will override the animation.

Known, Fully Compatible Pose Packs
-- *all poses that use props are left open for other pose packs

  • The full pose pack here
  • xBaebsae's pose packs

Frequently Asked Questions*
*I am assuming as this is brand new to me; will update as I learn more

  • Do I need to use another pose pack?
  • No, you don't! You can use other pose packs, or you can use the static or animated poses here along with the vanilla poses, as long as you have Nora Lee's framework installed. The mod doesn't work without it! As for using with pose packs, read above for compatible packs and overriding other packs.

  • The animation isn't showing up!
  • Make sure you have both NLD archives installed. If you have any other pose pack installed that is not on the above list, remove it, and try again.

  • The static poses aren't showing up!
  • Make sure you have the NLD core archive installed. If you have any other pose pack installed that is not on the list and those poses are showing, use the override version of the pose mod. If you are using multiple pose packs, only use one per priority number.

  • The knife animation isn't showing!
  • Make sure you have a knife in your inventory.

Intro to Photomode Poses & Animations

I recommend reading Nora Lee's explanation in the introduction to the GB(VO) Pose & Animation Spreadsheet on how photomode poses and animations work. I've tried to give cover the basics without going into too much detail.

1. Animations: To use animations in photomode you MUST INSTALL either a photomode pose pack or Nora Lee's framework and extensions. Hover V or Spawned V animations DO NOT WORK with photomode and can potentially cause mod conflict. See GB(VO) sheet and chilljustacat's spreadsheet for help finding animations. Only one photomode animation will work at a time. If you install multiple, only the first in load order will show up. I include "anim" in the filename
for easy reference. (ex: wash_photomode_anim_femv_smoking....archive)

2. Static poses: Photomode pose packs replace the vanilla poses. Again, see GB(VO) sheet and chilljustacat's spreadsheet to find pose packs. I include "static" in the filename for easy reference, as well as the priority number (explained in the framework docs and in step 3). (ex: wash_photomode_static_mascv_smoking...005.archive)

2a. Before 1.5, props did not spawn in photomode. Most pose packs used regular poses in those spots, hence the floating cigarettes you encounter. NLD's
framework allows for a mod to override any pose in the main pack, so you can use the "override" (000) pose pack with any pre-1.5 packs.

3. Multi Pose Framework: Using multiple pose packs with NLD's framework works similarly to other frameworks where you pick different slots to add or replace items. In this case, the framework adds more slots for animations. I highly recommend reading the documentation on the framework page for a more thorough understanding of how the framework functions.

3a. Pre-1.5 packs are automatically compatible with the framework because they use the default photomode file. Packs that use the framework will be assigned one of 11 slots: 000 - 010. 000 is the override slot, and the framework will prioritize that pack. Next in priority is the main pose pack and the priority decreases with each number. If the same pose (ex: "Break Time") is assigned in both packs 002 and 003, the assigned pose in 002 has higher priority and will be used. If two pose packs of the same priority are used (ex: x_002.archive and y_002.archive), the first in normal load order will be used.

Example: The main pose pack uses the cigarette poses and you want to use a different set. The override pack (using slot 000) will override the poses from the main pack, and you can use the new poses in photomode. You can still install any packs that use slot 001-010.

Example: The main pose pack is listed as compatible (the prop poses are unassigned) and you want to use a cigarette pose pack. Install the
regular numbered pack (005). You can install other packs -- override/000, 001, 003-010. You decide to use a knife pose and install the numbered pack (006). And maybe a phone pose (007). You accidentally install another 005 pack, but only one of them (the first in load order) will show up. Everything else is fine.

3b. Photomode "static" animations -- with NLD's framework, some of the poses become animated (still researching). The knife pose is one such pose. Because it is static, you can use it with any other pose pack, given the same restrictions above.

Other questions? Find me on Discord (AMM or Lizzie's) or leave a note here.


So much appreciation to Nora Lee for the framework that makes this mod possible! Please support them on ko-fi, they do great work for the modding community!