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This framework adds 10 additional .morphtarget file 'slots' to V, as well as 5 pairs of .rig and .animgraph file 'slots'. These can be used by modders to load their own .morphtarget-dependent or .rig/.animgraph-dependent mods. These slots are not loaded in FPP.

Permissions and credits
This mod is really more of a framework - it won't do anything on its own, but it contains files that other mods may depend on. Specifically, this framework allows for mod authors to load additional morphtarget-dependent or rig/animgraph-dependent head items on V.

Known Issue & Fix:
Users have reported crashes when entering some vehicles as a part of certain game-prompted quest actions when using the version 1.0 zz_NLD_Morph_and_AnimRig_Additions.archive file. The new 1.1 version of this file should resolve this issue.

How to Use - Mod Users
If you were directed here by another mod that uses this resource as a dependency, all you need to do with this file is install it.

  1. Download the file and unzip it.
  2. Place the zz_NLD_Morph_and_AnimRig_Additions.archive file in your Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder. If you do not have this folder, create it. 
  3. Enjoy!

  1. Delete the zz_NLD_Morph_and_AnimRig_Additions.archive file from your Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod folder.


How to Use - Mod Creators
If you wish to use this framework to pack your head .morphtarget-utilizing mod, it's quite simple! You will need to pack your .morphtarget file at one of the morphtarget file locations listed below. You should state which path(s)/slot(s) your mod is utilizing so that users can avoid conflicts with other mods using this resource.

Morphtarget File Paths:

It is also possible to use this framework to load additional .rig and .animgraph files, making it possible to add 'physics'-utilizing meshes to other frameworks such as Nim's More Head Meshes or Echorra's Modular Jewelry Collections - Earrings or Necklaces and Chokers. This framework should not be used to load .rig or .animgraph files for items visible in first person perspective, as the .rig and .animgraph files loaded via this framework will not be loaded in FPP.

To use this framework in this way, the .rig and .animgraph files should be packed at one pair of these file paths below.

Rig and Animgraph File Paths:

You should list this mod/framework as a dependency for your mod and direct users here to download it. You should not reupload this framework or its contents with your mod.

This framework is not compatible with other mods that alter V's teeth .app file - I am not aware of any such mods at this time.

This framework is compatible with mods that alter the head, eye, or other .app files for V.

Thanks to Rfuzzo and the entire team behind WKit for supplying the tools needed to create this framework. Additionally, thanks to the multiple Cyberpunk 2077 modding Discords, and to the Cyberpunks Discord, for providing tips, tricks, and encouragement. 
If you find this framework useful, you can support me on Ko-fi