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Lets you bribe the NCPD by calling your special "NCPD Bribe" contact using your phone, to get rid of any crime status

Permissions and credits

What it does:
- Lets you bribe the NCPD by calling your special NCPD bribe contact with your phone
- Adds a new contact to the game, including a small introductory message
- Localized for 15 languages (Using

- Download and install the latest CET version
- Download and install the latest Native Settings UI version
- Download the mod and extract it into your game folder (The one containing /bin and /r6)

How to use:
- The new "NCPD Bribe" contact gets automatically added to your journal / phone after completing the "The Rescue" mission, with a small introductory message from the "NCPD Bribe" person
- To bribe the cops, simply call the "NCPD Bribe" contact using your phone while being wanted (Contact gets moved to the top of the phone list while you are wanted)
- While you are wanted you can still use your phone, even tho the button for it is greyed out
- After the transaction has been completed, any crime status will be revoked
- After the call has finished, try to leave the area as the cops might still be a bit aggressive

Credits: psiberx for the useful as always GameUI.lua, and johnson for helping with the Polish translation