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Hair caps loaded independently for more hair color combo options

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TL;DR: Nim's mod lets us add 10 meshes/models to the head without replacing anything (each "slot" is numbered, so they can't overlap, same way as you can't have two mods replacing the same jacket, only one will show up).
For the cap to work install the actual cap base, a cap style and a cap color. + NEW Cap Mask

Patch 1.6 broke modded hairs that were replacing hairs with shaved sides while using cyberware 01. This is because those hairs now have two models, one with a cap with the data of the shaved side, and another without that shaved side. I am taking advantage of this new data and adding it to the Caps.

This means:
Now caps need an extra Cap Mask file, right now there's just two, no mask (so nothing changes) and Cyberware 01 (so it follows the shape of cyberware 01). This way every hair using my caps, if you are using Cyberware 01, can get the shaved side.

This also means:
Eventually, I can use this mask to create shaved patters than could get applied over every single cap style, without having to manually change each cap style independently <3

Now there's also 10 slot options available, since there are so many mods using them atm, so it'll be harder for them to conflict with other mods - as always, only use one.


Okay so, what's this mod for? It's basically my foundation for hairs I've shaved or going to shave.
This way, I also don't need to keep uploading the caps over and over on each mod, and simply point to this one.

It was born from looking at a picture I took of me using a hair, but with a different color for the cap and going "wait, that looks cool".
Wanted to revamp the cap colors I did to actually make them unique and non-repeating.

The number of colors with gradient varies because the game just didn't like certain ones and made them show up corrupted.

This mod requires Nim's more head meshes

Since I've separated mesh from color, there's just three mesh options for Male, and another three for Female (08, 09 and 10 specifically), so they don't overlap if other people use her mod. These meshes point to Syle and Color, which are separate + NEW CAP MASK. Only use one of each at a time though, they can show up weird or mix together since the textures are in the same folder. You can equip a Female and Male cap at once, but the same texture/color will show up on both.

While I was at it I picked up all the cap styles I could find in the files (that were actually usable and didn't get weirdly cropped).
You can try using these with previously shaved hairs.
You can also use these to hide gaps that may show up for other modded hairs.

You are still free to use these as is, as if they were really short hairstyles, nothing is stopping you, but yeah some styles as you can see are really weird without hair.
To use as is, install a Cap for either Fem or Masc V, pick a color, and install any of the styles (optional files) + NEW CAP MASK - In addition to Nim's mod. Then pick the bald hairstyle option ingame.

- Installation -
1. Pick the archive options you want and place in  *:\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod
2. Create the folder if you don't have one.

To uninstall, simply erase the mod from the folder or move it somewhere else for safekeeping.

- For modders -
If you wanna use this system for your own hairs, be it for personal use or to update your hair mods, there's an archive provided with an unpacked mod for the cap style. Just replace those textures with the ones you want to use for cap and that's it.
Remember to actually get rid of the cap of the hair though, so it doesn't show up on top.

If you like my work support me on Ko-fi! ♥