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Readjusted driving controls, featuring a transmission system.
Walk option and default walking available. Adjusted to feel natural and match NPC speed.
Complete keymapping for more intuitive binds and more thumb and mouse usage.
Also includes fast crafting/disassembling.

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Good morning, Night City!!
Sorry, i don't know where that came from.
Hey there.

Until we get proper modding tools for the game, i gonna try to approach some gameplay improvements with this mod.
It's quite trivial. And most of their functions were already addressed by other modders. Kind of...

Give it a try and let me know your suggestions in the comments section to improve it further .

Well... Less talk, more work!

If you like ProControls, remember endorse
Transmission System

Base driving speed adjusted to be a bit higher than traffic.
The base speed uses the first 3 speeds of the gearbox, nice for a ride.
The brake force was increased. No more cyberwet roads, uh?
The turning speed also was readjusted to be faster and match the wheels animation.

Holding W sets the gearbox to 3-speed.
Holding W + B sets the gearbox to 4-speed.
Holding B alone sets the gearbox to 5-speed.
Holding V uses the 6-speed (max speed), like vanilla.

If you wanna feel the adrenaline flowing, an optional version is available.
This ALT Driving version reverses the transmission system.
With this version, you always drive at full speed like vanilla.
Holding B or V lowers the gearbox to achieve the same than default version, just reversed.

Key Bindings

Yeah, i know... Another bindings mod... Maybe not!
Maybe you feel that some keybindings are too far.
Or maybe you feel the carpal tunnel growing.
If you don't want new cyberware hands to easily reach all the keys. Try this, choomba!

 -- Exploration --

  • E: Interact with everything, activate everything. Quick hacks included.
  • Q: Skip dialog.
  • Tab: Open/Close main menu.
  • Backslash (\): Cycle weapon. Hold for weapon wheel.
  • 5: Use quick item/consumable.
  • T: Cell Phone.
  • N: Notifications and Follow quest.
  • H: Photo Mode.
  • Mouse 4: Dodge. Double tapping disabled to avoid "accidental" dodges.
  • Mouse 5 (Hold): Scan (Hold version).
  • R: Quick hack details. Direct use and fast equip lootable items.
  • B: Call vehicle.

            --Menus --

  • E: Activate selected button.
  • Q: Cancel/Back any UI menu and option.
  • Z: Rotate Left char or weapons in menus. Rotation speed reduced by 20% to be more accurate.
  • C: Rotate Right char or weapons in menus. Rotation speed reduced by 20% to be more accurate.

     -- Braindance --

  • E: Fast-forward.
  • Q: Rewind.
  • R: Restart.
  • Tab: Switch Mode.
  • Left Shift: Switch Layer.

       -- Vehicle --

  • Q: Cycle Cam
  • E (Hold): Exit vehicle
  • B: 4-speed, 5-speed gearbox.
  • V: Full speed, 6-speed gearbox.

Walk Mode

Holding V activates the walking mode.
The speed was adjusted to be fast enough to follow quest NPCs, without the need to cycle between running and walking.

If you feel the default speed is too high, an optional version is available.
This NPC Walk version provides a walking speed slightly higher than average NPC.

Chill V

This version uses walking as the default movement style.
The horizontal movement is replaced with diagonal walking as a workaround. Who walks horizontally in any case.
Holding V activates the vanilla jogging mode.
Holding LShift activates sprint.
CapsLock toggles sprint as an aditional way to sprint combined with Holded V.
Scan (Toggle) is now in RShift. No need for it, Scan (Hold) remains in Mouse 5.
A + D activates a slower walking, equal to NPC Walk version.


Speed of the crafting/disassembling bar increased to be almost instant.
Because we have many things to do instead wait for a bar to fill!