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Street vendors will now trade with you!
Now with enhanced trades.

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Welcome to Street Vendors.
This mod allows you to trade with most of the street vendors you will encounter in Night City!

Manual installation process
If you want to manually install the mod you will first need to install the Cyber Engine Tweaks mod.

Once done, download and open the Street Vendors Mod file, it should come in a compressed zip, you will need to extract the content of the zip file (the bin folder) to the root directory of your Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder.

If you are using steam the root folder will be located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077",
simply extract the content of the zip at that location, at this point, you should be exporting a "bin" folder inside a "Cyberpunk 2077" folder,
if it asks to replace existing files click "Replace the files in the destination" once done you are ready to start the game,
if it's your first time installing Cyber Engine Tweaks it will ask you to bind a key to open the Cyber Engine Tweaks Menu I recommend "~" next to the "1" key,
if it's your first time installing Cyber Engine Tweaks and you don't see that prompt, try to launch the game in windowed mode at 1080p, then bind the key and change your resolution back to your preference. there seems to be a bug with Ultra-Wide resolutions that makes Cyber Engine Tweaks' UI not show up.

!!! Update 1.1.0 !!!

Update 1.1.0 is out, the new update will enhance your immersion by rewriting how the vendors trade with you, you should now see a lot more items for sale and items that match vendors types, to see a vendor type you can scan them, food vendors will now sell your more food and diversity as well as drinks, you will no longer see the same 6 items on every single vendor, the kiosk and tech junk vendors were also changed, they will now sell you more relevant items. and sell items that you can see in their surrounding.

Street vendors used to always sell you the same items from a pre-configured inventory, the new update rewrites how their inventories are managed and you will now see that each vendor have their own unique goods that they sell to you, it will make more sense depending on which vendor you trade with. the new 1.1.0 update is focused on getting the vendors to feel more natural and immersive.

Q: How do I trade with a street vendor?
A: To trade with a vendor you need to be looking at them within a 3-foot radius and press the primary action key (the default 'use' key from the game, not CET).
Q: Why is there no talking prompt like other NPCs.
A: The street vendors, don't currently have a talking prompt, this feature will be added in the future but due to a bug with how Cyber Engine Tweaks works, it is currently unstable to add this feature, which could result in the game crashing very often,

If you like the mod please share it and endorse the page! if you have suggestions, questions, or find bugs please post them in the posts and bugs sections. I will be reading all of them. enjoy!

You can Buy me a coffee if you wish.