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(Works on 1.5!) Opens the minimap only while driving. Comes with an optional CET key binding to toggle the minimap. Overrides the in-game setting.

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What does this mod do?

This mod toggles the minimap interface setting off if you are not in a vehicle and on if you are. This uses the in-game interface setting so that the quest tracker moves accordingly. Comes with an optional CET keybinding to toggle between Driving-Only, On, and Off. Works as advertised out of the box, no configuration needed.


LHUD is a more complete solution for limiting the UI, has driving-only functionality, does not override in-game settings, and I would recommend it for pretty much anything. The only reason I wrote this script was because I wanted a quick way to make Spicy's E3 HUD look more like the original demo while still allowing me to drive properly, and LHUD didn't move the quest tracker with the in-game setting when I tried it, hence this. I recommend LHUD if you want something more configurable.

Note: if you are uninstalling the mod, go to the in-game settings after and toggle the minimap back on.

Shout-outs to WillyJL for helping me figure out ImGui for the toggle prompts.

Recommended to use with Spicy's E3 HUD.