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Better drift control with counter steering, wheelies, enhanced crowd & traffic behaviors, more parked vehicles & passengers, improved ai w/ faster response times, improved traffic speed and lights,
- Drive like you own Night City!

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*Note if your upgrading from a previous version please delete the previous versions from the following path: engine/config/platform/pc - "SRCT" , "CDCT" , "CDVS"

Crowds & Traffic 4.0 - Now Available!
Enhanced crowds and traffic with less duplicate npc, more parked vehicles, faster traffic speed & lights, enhanced pedestrian & traffic behaviors,  better ai with faster response times. 

Cyber Drift 2.0 - Now Available!
Enhanced vehicle performance for both cars and motorcycles - better drift control with counter steering, wheelies on motorcycles and more.
I highly recommend using this mod with Cyber Vehicle Overhaul by: E3roKK

How to Drift:

Newtons first law of inertia states that when an object is moving it wants to keep moving in the same way and it resists any changes to that motion unless there is an external force causing a change in this case the cars natural tendency is to go straight when the cars steering wheel is turned there is an external force. That fore is the friction between the tires and the track called traction. When you turn the wheels some of that traction is angled perpendicular to the cars velocity so instead of moving in a straight line the car begins to follow a curved path. When you overcome the friction between the tires and the road by entering a curve at an unusual sharp angle or an abnormally high speed and enter a slide you can then turn the slide into a drift by taking control of the car by turning the wheel into the opposite direction of the bend. Turning the wheel changes the direction from the friction force from the skid and that can change the direction of the skid itself.

Practice until you know exactly how to hit the curve using your vehicles acceleration and brakes and exactly how to turn the steering wheel. Then you will make drifting look easy.

* Quoted from "The Physics Of Drifting, Explained"
-  Buisness Insider

Same method for drifting applies in game

How to Wheelie:  tap the brakes and hold it then hold the acceleration you can tell when it’s ready to release by listening to the audio then let go of the brakes while still holding the acceleration.

- xuanwu

*Credits to stoker25 for uploading the vanilla ini values