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This mod replaces all of the non-weapons-associated idle photomode poses with a variety of sitting, leaning, and other assorted poses. For both fem and masc V.

Permissions and credits
Since I first got into taking pictures in-game, I've wanted more ways to have V immersed in and interacting with their surroundings in shots - in particular, I was missing ways to have V sit, lean, and lie down to interact with various furniture. This mod aims to fill in that gap with a host of photomode poses that allow V to sit wherever they may please (and some other poses, as well). This mod works for both feminine- and masculine-framed Vs. The masculine V option also impacts the photomode poses available to Johnny.

Read all of the way through the description for very important clarifying information and dependencies!

  • basegame_FemVPhotomodeIdles_SitsAndLeans1.archive - This replaces 32 of the idle photomode poses for feminine-framed V.
  • basegame_MascVPhotomodeIdles_SitsAndLeans1.archive - This replaces 32 of the idle photomode poses for masculine-framed V and the 3 poses for Johnny.

  1. Pick one or both files to install. You can have both files installed at the same time.
  2. Drop the appropriate .archive file(s) into your mod folder. It should be located at Cyberpunk 2077/archive/pc/mod . If you don't have this folder, you can just go ahead and make one.
  3. Enjoy!

  1. Delete the .archive file(s) from your mod folder.

Fine Print & Conflicts:

  • You will need to move V into position for most of these poses, and often the in-game default photomode movement tools will be too limited to do so. These poses have significantly reduced usefulness without AMM, and I highly recommend it. I also recommend Photo Mode Tools, to allow you to further manipulate these poses.
  • As I was unable to remove the weapons from the weapon-associated poses, I've left these untouched. However, due to the nature of photomode pose mods, this means that these weapon-associated poses are broken and will result in either general idling posing or T-posing. 
  • Not all poses had a perfect match for both Vs available in the files I was using, and thus some poses differ between fem and masc Vs. Additionally, some photomode pose names don't match even in cases where the same pose was available for both Vs. 
  • This mod will conflict with other mods that alter the photomode idle poses; specifically, the fem V file will conflict with other mods that alter the idle poses available for fem V, and the masc V file will conflict with other mods that alter the idle poses available to masc V.
  • At the time of upload, a single set of preview images is missing (Tabula Rasa) - this will be corrected by 6/22.
  • All of the other mods (cosmetics, clothing, hair, etc) seen in the screenshots are my own and are either personal (not going to be shared) or not ready to be shared at the moment. Please do not ask after them.
  • The poses available to Johnny in photomode are the same as some of those available to masc V. He has three poses: Tabula Rasa, C'Mere Gonkbrain, and You're Breathtaking.


Thanks to Rfuzzo for CP77 Tools, Halvkyrie for the modding guide that first got me into modding, and SilverEzredes for the pose tutorial that facilitated the creation of this mod. Also, just a general shoutout to everyone over in the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding discord for posting a whole bunch of fantastic tutorials and tips. 

I'd love to see your screenshots, either shared here or, if you're posting them over on tumblr, please feel free to tag me!