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Unique natural eye textures for V, replaces eyes 1-39.

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Currently, Unique Eyes - Core mod is broken, and eyelashes do not have transparency. There is nothing I can do until that gets fixed, so please don't complain about it to me. I'm already aware about the problem!

I wanted more natural looking eyes. Editing the eye mask and gradient has its limits so I decided to create unique diffuse for every eye. Most of the eyes have natural colors with the exception of a few and none of them have cyberware. This mod will replace all eyes in the character creation menu but will not affect NPC eyes textures.

The colors might look a little funky in character creation. This is because of the greenish lighting, but will look fine in game.

The texture itself is NOT mine. I just ported and edited it into Cyberpunk 2077. Credits to HHaley for the eye textures in their Skyrim mod, Fair Skin Complexion, which I used for this mod.

REQUIRES Unique Eyes - Core by Halvkyrie. Install by extracting 00_Halvkyrie_UniqueEyes_Core_Default_V2.2.archive into archive/pc/mod. This is a hard requirement and the mod would not be possible without it.