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A reshade preset that improves visuals without going overboard.

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Night in City, Judy Working, Apartment Building, Night Cityscape, Night Markets, Night Markets 2, Main Menu, Apartment Room, Apartment Room 2, 2nd Amendment, Grafitti, Outside Lizzie's, My Character in Mirror, Night in City 2, Night in City 3, Night in City 4, Midday in City, Inside Lizzie's, Dressing Room, Night Cityscape 2, Night in City 5, Night in City 6

1. Made the colors a little richer.
2. Removed a slight reddish-green tint. Game is overall a little bit bluer which feels more natural.
3. Added a little extra shading on edges, giving the world a bit more depth.
4. Made textures a little sharper but not enough to make things too noisy.
5. (FULL Version Only) Added some extra anti-aliasing. By nature this adds blur to lines at sharp angles, but I think overall it's an improvement over janky edges. If you don't like this blur or you face performance issues, use the LITE version.

1. Download the latest version of Reshade (if you run into issues, try using Reshade 4.82).
2. Install Reshade onto "Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\Cyberpunk2077.exe". It must be the game executable, NOT the launcher.
3. For Rendering API, choose Direct3D 10/11/12.
4. When it asks you what shaders you want to install, just click "OK", not skip so that it only installs the standard effects. You could install other ones if you want to tweak things yourself, but my download has all the shaders you should need. When it pops up asking which specific shaders you want just hit OK/Continue.
5. Download either the FULL or LITE version of this mod. The LITE version is the same as FULL except the AA effect is removed.
6. Move the downloaded zip into your "Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64" folder and unzip everything into this folder (not into it's own folder), overwriting anything it asks you to.
7. Start the game and it should already be ready! You can press F8 to toggle the effects and see the difference yourself.
8. Performance impacts will vary by computer specs. On my computer, I can run the game at around 70fps with my settings without reshade. Using the FULL version of this mod, it drops to around 64. Using the LITE version the it is around 70.
9. If you want to look exactly like the screenshots, the last few images of the mod are my in-game settings.

This should work with any other mod that isn't another reshade preset. I have not tried any of the mods that remove TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) so I can't speak to how it will look without that. If it looks strange with one of those mods, try the LITE version of this mod instead.

I love reshade, but most presets I find (for any game) tend to go a bit overboard. They boost saturation to the max, use extreme contrast, make everything mega sharp, or they add a ton of cinematic effects. This creates some badass looking screenshots, but feels very unnatural when you're actually trying to play. So my presets are designed to feel more natural. I want the difference to be noticeable, but not extreme in any way. If you like my presets and have a game you'd like me to make a preset for, shoot me a DM on twitter!

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