Cyberpunk 2077

About this mod

A library of Cyberarms and accessories for Femme V

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to bring more customisation options for your Femme V cyberarms by replacing gorilla arms with alt's cyberarm (Right arm) in many new variations, plus optional accessories, left arm replacers, and the option to remove the left arm knuckles and the weapon grip cyberware 3d model.

Major(?) update 2.0 has been released

Introduced "Addons" such as the minimal arm/hand addon, that uses a custom model where the wires and "inward plate" of the cyberhand has been removed, and a new hand model to match accordingly. These addons still require the base version with the finish that you want. Otherwise the models will appear pitch black due to not finding any material files.

Other mods and addons
I've been talking and working with a few other mod authors now regarding their cyberarm mods and compatibility, so here are some of the mods that work alongside this mod.

Arasaka Cyberarms by Aanderz has been updated with a left arm version of Arasaka Cyberarms!
This lets you use the cyberarms commonly seen on Arasaka members, with a fixed version for Femme V too, and many different finishes and different decals.
Currently, you cannot use it with the "accessories" that replace left hand cyberware from this mod. Aanderz has helped created a compatability patch for this however which should be coming soon once I've tested it properly. Thank you for great help and cooperation <3

ErebusArms - Hurcule Synthetic Muscle System by ErebusEquity
This mods gives your gorilla arms a touch of elegance and feeling of quality. It has many new finishes for the gorilla arms, custom decals, ingame adverts +++
This is also compatible with this mod, as long as you keep the left gorilla arm untouched.
Thank you for good cooperation and idea and knowledge sharing c:

To install:

Go to your game install folder, navigate to \Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch\ and paste the .archive file.

Default game location for steam is C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\

If you are going to use more than one archive file at once, I would suggest not renaming them, since currently they are named
so the right files load first. This will be especially important for
the hardcoded skin colour patches and "Addon" files.

By default, Gorilla arms have 1 "Arm" part and 1 "Cyberware" part for each
hand. "Arm" is the entire arm and "Cyberware" is the knuckle part
This is what the default load order will be like (It's alphabetical) and what each item type replaces:

  • Addon_Alt - Usually replaces a model etc for the specified name
  • Addon_Accessory_Remove - Disables the specified item being rendered (but still replaces the model file)
  • Alt_Arm - Arm part (Usually left, will be stated in archive name)
  • Alt_Hand - The right arm + right cyberware parts. This is considered the "main" or "base" version


alphaZomega - for his support and various tools and tutorials, such as the noesis plugin for viewing, exporting etc cyberpunk models, his 010 editor template for viewing and editing the data of pretty much all kinds of cyberpunk files, and much more.

SilverEzredes - for lots of research and knowledge about the game and 3d modeling, rigging +++ and teaching me a lot about what can be done and how to do it

Crazy Potato - for teaching me lots about 3d modelling and editing, helping test things, tutorials about materials, being a good teacher for me and many others

иᶦო (nim) - for getting me into modding in the first place, always having something to say when there's blanks in my knowledge, and teaching me a bit of everything, giving me thoughts and ideas on how to solve issues i face.

Rosza - for giving me lots of ideas for this collection, and helping me get started on it, and for helping test/screenshot the skintones

Pantariste - for teaching me lots about model changing, and changing the appearance of what parts i want on a model

Aanderz - for help with various cyberarms info, and helping solve a problem with normals, and making Arasaka Cyberarms compatible with this mod.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Modding discord
- for being a great place to learn, share knowledge and findings, and get reflections on your work, and being an overall great resource for knowledge and knowledgeable people.

There are many more reasons to thank these people (and more people to thank, for both big and small things), but if i were to write down all of them this mod description would never get finished. I love yall <3

If you've got any suggestions for variants of the hands, or hand accessories you've seen in the game that you want as an accessory option, feel free to tell me! Keep in mind that i might not be able to do all of the suggestions due to limitations in the game, or just being short on time, etc.

Feel free to use the resources for your own works, but please give credit if sharing it anywhere.