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About this mod

This mod adds the possibility of being pursued by different police vehicles

Permissions and credits
This mod enables police cars spawns.
It'll take effect automatically when you commit crimes and gain heat.
Also reworks the spawns of the cops making them further away depending on the threat level that you've.

Please do not use with any of these mods, this could cause incompatibilities
Annoy Me No More (Reasonable Police)
Police Motorcycle Chases

How to install automatically (Recommended)
  • Install Redscript using Vortex
  • Install this mod using the Vortex link
How to install manually
  • If you didn't already, install (or update) Redscript
  • Download this mod archive and extract it using 7-zip into your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder
    (the resulting file should be in 'Cyberpunk

New features

  • Update to version 1.5
  •  Add crowd behaviour so they don’t magically disappear when the persecution starts
  •  After a persecution police cars should join traffic
  • Disable "Backup Police system" for the moment


  • Create independent variable for random police  vehicle spawn point
  • Point correct target for police vehicles to track

  • Restored all the previous functionality tested on cp2077 1.3 and

V3.3.0 Beta

  •  Fixes the main crashes but version 1.3.0 does some mayor drawbacks in my mod need futher investiogation


  • Fix logic of appearance of the police after you've fled the crime scene
  • Solved some crash situations


  • Fix some problems with the appearance of the police after you've fled the crime scene


  • Refine the appearance of the police after you've fled the crime scene


  • Fix regresion that caused granades not to explode cars as easy as before


  • Readd missing SpawnPoliceVehicle spawn randomicer


  • Now the police turrets won't single shoot you when you're in a vehicle
  • Reorganice the structure of the files

V3.1.0 Beta

  • Added some messages to notify the backup of the police or that the police has found you thanks to @WolvenBot

V3.0.1 Beta

  • Remove the possibilitie that a police spawns in your car

V3.0.0 Beta

  • Police rounds are unlimited, this means that police won't stop comming if you stay near your last crime
  • Changed model for police cars now with sirens incorporated with lights and sound
  • Due to the police AI persecution It's really bad I've implemented that if you get rid of the police there's a 40% of chances that they'll find you if you have less than 4 stars and if you've more than 4 starts there's a 60% changes of finding you


  •  Check compatibilitie with latest redscript version
  • Check compatibilitie with latest Cyberpunkversion
  • Make the code more similar to the source one
  • Make the behaviour of the police more similar to the 1.2.X+ versions with SpawnPoliceWithDelay


  • Hotfix a crash caused by multiple spawns


  • Add compatibilitie with Patch 1.2


  • Fix stars aren't disappearing after a long time or a large distance


  • Fix multiple policemen merging into one cop when riding a motorbike


  • Revert change that undo the fix for the vehicles spawned near you


  • Fix bandits appear on police vehicles

  • Fix a problem rerlated to the spawn of the vehicles of the police near you
  • Workaround to fix that police stop to track you with in 200 meters
Enhanced Police system


Makes more dynamic the use of the police of different vehicles depending on the heat level
The police only appears on foot
⭐⭐    The police appears using motorbikes using (Brennan Apollo) model due to there's no specific police motorbikes model
⭐⭐⭐The police appears using  police cars
⭐⭐⭐⭐    The police appears using  a police 4x4 (Chevalier Emperor) model

I was hopping to use for the last heat level a Militech Basilisk Tank to give more a GTA V kind of experience but trying to spawn results in a crash of the Cyberpunk 2077 process


Initial implementation of police pursuing you at any "heat" level in cars