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Recolors Jackie's Arch, Tuned and Untuned, to white, gold and a little teal

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First off, and this is important, I am NOT taking requests for recolors. This is half proof of concept, half wanting to share something cool with the community.

After a couple days of digging, and an enormous amount of help from the community at the modding discord, I managed to fully edit ALL the colors of all the materials used on Jackie's Tuned Arch.
I love this bike for sentimental reasons, but I very much dislike black and red. Thusly began my journey into hex editing vehicles. A task substantially more irksome than editing clothing, I can assure you.

This works out of the box, just install and enjoy.

drop it into your archive/pc/patch folder

I have attached an article outlining the process I used, so if you want a custom recolor, feel free to experiment and learn something new in the process!

Many, MANY thanks to the following folks on the Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Discord;

and of course the amazing, brilliant folks developing the tools for us to mod CP!