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Want team up with your romance when his/her main quest is done ?

This mod allow you to do it !

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Redmod recommanded or you will not get the audio for the subtitles. Mod is in English, whatever your game language !

Want team up with your romance when his/her main quest is done ?
This mod allow you to do it !

Go to your love interest and talk to him/her, you will have a new dialog option to let him join you !

You get also two new interact when you look at him/her, Kiss and Hug !

Also severals voicelines with audio have been added depending the situation !

You can get only one companion at same time !

Want be solo ? come back to your romance house and she/he will let you !

Work in team with : Emotes of Night City, your companion will seat, couch, dance, drink or eat with you !

- Download and install CET (Latest version)
- Download and install Native Setting (Latest version)
- Download and install Cyberscript (Latest version)
- Download and install Cyberscript Animation Pack(Latest version)
- Download the mod by Vortex or manually extract it into your game folder (bin folder)

Compatibility  with I really want to stay at your house and Romance enhanced mods compatibilyt - How to do ?

First Usage:

Join me, hug and kiss Interact:
- need help ? check here :
- Choose Companions of Night city group
- you need to look at the companion for hug and kiss

For join me interact, companion need to be :
- Judy : at windows
- River : on stairs
- Panam : on chair, playing video games
- Kerry : on sofa playing guitar
- Rogue : at Afterlife

Affinity System
 - You win affinity when you invite a companion, fight with him or use emotes with him

 - You loose afffinity when you go with your companion to another companion location (jealousy ) or have sex scene during the other compation questline. also the companion will leave you to return at 

At affinity 50, you can call your companion to join you and if you are outside, he/she will come to you with his own car !

Several action for manage companion

2 quickhacks :
Attack the target
Go to the target

3 new interacts : (look at him for trigger it, like hug and kiss)
Come to me
Go here
Drive me to (if he comes with his car)

- Companion will now comment during other companion quest line, according where you are in their story !

- Compatible with Transport of Night City !

- Go to Pause Menu
- Go to Mod setting
- Go to Cyberscript datapack manager
- Disable Companions of Night City
- Go to Cyberscript, hit Reload Cache
- Resume
- Reload Save
- Close game

- Uninstall by Vortex
- Go to (Cyberpunk 2077 game folder)\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks\mods\cyberscript\datapack and delete Emotes of Night city folder

Please join the discord, and post in the help section. Someone on the team will help you with your issue, if they are around :)

We now have a patreon : Cyberscript Patreon

This patreon is just an page to support the mod and helps to cover the server fee ?