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- Be a cultivator, join a Dao Sect and cultivate through several cultivation stages.
- As a Immortal you reincarnate on accidental/violent death, retaining your powers.
- Find Dao Companions to accompany you on your long journey.
- As True Immortal, achieve True God status and found your own bloodline.

Permissions and credits
True Immortal Cultivation

WARNING: Use with a new game only, as new traits are added - and this will usually wreck your savegames!
To join Immortal Mountain and start cultivating you need to open the society view and click the (!) symbol next to Immortal
Mountain to show interest in joining the sect.
Join conditions are are now much more lenient with version 0.1.0:
- below 16 years of age with 10 learning or genius trait
- below 20 years of age with 20 learning and virgin (no children, unmarried, no concubines, no lovers, not lustful, no master seducer, no great pox - unless you use a mod that manages a virgin trait)
- below 40 years of age

This mod contains features and themes related to cultivator dual cultivation and although there are no "explicit" depictions (except stylized qi/energy persons in yab-yum position) in this mod, people MIGHT still be offended. In this case please DO NOT use this mod! The mod is tagged "NSFW" for this reason.

Allows the character to cultivate and ascend to Godhood through True Immortality in the end.

There is a new Society "Immortal Mountain" (also present as OffWorld Power) - basically a cultivator sect, with "Immortal Wang" as Off-World Leader and his clone as Sect Leader. Cultivation stages are kept rather "classic" according to daoist lore and a potpouri of cultivation novels:

Qi Gathering, Foundation Building, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Great Perfection, Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, True Immortal

There are factors like spirit-root quality, traits, health, virginity (staying virgin is good) etc. affecting the rate of Immortal Qi gains (cultivation takes - LONG, every stage requires 4x the Qi of the previous one basically) - can be "awakened" through a ritual in the Sect.
You can use an Immortal Cave in the Sect (basically adding the "on a journey" trait - requiring regency), which boosts Qi gains your current Sect Rank x2.
With Immortal Qi, you can attempt breakthroughs to the next cultivation stage - which can lead from success, via various grades of failure to death, depending on the random element it checks for the tribulation. Base chances are cultivation stage * 5 checked on random element (25 over par is almost guaranteed success and -25 almost certain death). Though danger of death and injury rises every stage (in the beginning it is rather harmless).

When cultivating you buid up your Cultivation Base - that determines the foundation for further stages down the road. Build your base solid (= max out the potential before breakthrough - if feasible) or you will run into limitations later.
5 Elements are bound to 5 CK2 Stats: Diplomacy = Water, Stewardship = Earth, Martial = Fire, Intrigue = Wood, Learning = Metal
You can train in the Dao, investing Immortal Qi into your body and raising your Stats (square increase in cost e.g. Water 10 -> 11 = 10 * 10 * base 10) - this is capped by the current cultivation stage.
Cultivators in the Sect get slower aging (according to cultivation stage) and normal stat bonus for societies. Society itself takes HUGE contributions to rank up and has cultivation rank minimum requirements. Rank Cost (1000, 5000, 25000) - but you will stay in there for a LONG time so it is doable.
On entering the sect, you gain Cultivation-Vows, disallowing you to marry and give you -1000% fertility. Losing Virginity below Rank 3/Great Perfection Stage gets you booted. Should you get booted, you can re-enter once you hit Great Perfection stage.
Alternatively you can enter the sect as Dual Cultivator - not gain the vows (and the bonuses that come with them) but be free to have Dao Partners much earlier.
Dual Cultivators get 5/10/100/100 max partners per Sect Rank and partner restrictions mentioned below do NOT apply.

According to this logic: Concubines are ZERO for Ranks 1 & 2 and plenty but soft-capped (100) at 3+ Rank in the Sect - UNLESS you registered as a Dual Cultivator or decide to be one later on by informing the Sect of your decision.
Any cultivator can make "Dao Promises" to any prospective Dao Companion at any stage, giving them "Dao Promise", as well as Celibate Traits (The scope is saved - so they know who their Dao Companion is). You need to be in Diplo range and need 50+ personal opinion among other things + a unmarried / no lovers / no consorts partner. The "Dao Promise" partner will then age slowly, just like you. Downside: You have to PAY Immortal Qi, according to the power level every year for every Dao Promise / Dao Companion (thus - you cannot afford too many - altough they are "unlimited").
Dao Companions are equal to Marriage Partners - you can use Marriage slots as well as Concubine slots. There are no "Children of Concubines/Consorts", every partner gives prestige and NAPs.
There are no divorces/set concubine aside for Dao Companions - Vanilla replacements exist for rest of the folks which work - somewhat... (But you have enough slots anyway)
Reaching Stage 5 (Great Perfection), you can marry your Dao Promises and perform Dual Cultivation to boost the Spirit Roots of yourself and your Partners.

Dual Cultivation accumulates life energy - in form of fertility and health - slowly up to 100 years. It also "pools" both partners fertility (as they are "one" in this state). This means you can get Celibates and Vampires pregnant - when you keep at it long enough. You have a choice to "Create Life" (if possible) or keep accumulating (and not get pregnant).
Once you attain Immortality at Stage 6 (Human Immortal - regular Immortal trait), you also gain the ability to reincarnate: Actively (choosing to get a new body) or "Passively" when you die in whatever fashion. Making you basically "Unkillable".
Immortal Reincarnation, lets you name your instantly spawned "child" - if not married, only parent is you. Child has all your stats and eligible (basically everything not wounded, sick etc.) traits.
Should you have "missed" out on inheriting your realm, you automatically "possess" the heir (you play then) with "immortal possession", who can switch back to the "real body" once the character is playable again (has titles). So you can use your claims to get your realm back.
You can reclaim all your Dao Promises and Dao Companions from your previous incarnation.
As Immortal Reincarnation, you can reenter the Sect and be instantly recognized and promoted to Rank 3 or higher - even as Infant. (Young age is good for cultivation.)
Earth Immortals (Stage 7) get power over Space, which removes Diplo Range (for some actions) and gives them the ability to imprison characters weaker then them expending Immortal Qi.
True Immortals (Final Stage 8 ) get power over Time and can instantly change to 16 years after being reincarnated and also switch back and forth as they please. They can also change the age of others (younger or older) for a price.

True Immortals can also ascend to Goodhood (by being worshiped as Temporal Head with Divine Marriage, Emperor with 10k Prestige and 5k Piety or becomming Sayoshant of Zoroastrians) earning you and entry in the religion of your current religion or: Messia, Buddha (Arhat), Prophet incarnation of Holy Spirit etc.

Ascending to Goodhood, gives you a divine bloodline and converts all "Inbred" to "Divine Blood" within said bloodline henceforth.

Vanilla Concubinage and Divorce is completely disabled and replaced by targeted decisions - needs some more work to make them better than vanilla.

Please also have a look at the change log (especially when you have used the mod before) as not all the new features have been reflected here.

Recommended Mods:
Bigger Interface - Recommended for many Consorts/Children/Traits (You will get VERY OLD, even though you don't look it)
Compatible Mods:
DarkWorldReborn - Will use Traits and Checks
Luxuria Fantasia
Cheri Portraits - I wanted to mention it, as I used it in the screenshots as well

Special Thanks:
LL: dewguru - for making DWR and inspiring me!
LL: Ngppgn, Drax70, and TrxXx - For customizing the event windows for DWR, which I reuse in this mod!