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Adds a mostly functional PVP functionality to the game with custom features, rulesets and rewards.

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That's correct, the PVP mod adds Player Versus Player experience to the game.


  • The mod REQUIRES both players to have the mod installed in order to function, clients without the mod will be simply kicked out of the session upon connection.
  • The mod is NOT compatible with the text chat mod - PVP mod contains its own version of the text chat mod already.
  • Expect bugs, this is a ghetto styled hack solution, everything is working, mostly.
  • There is NO backwards compatibility with earlier versions, keep the mod up to date or You will be getting random disconnections. In rare case that a client can connect to a host with different version of the mod, he will be warned about the version mismatch - in such cases it is not recomended to continue with the match.

KNOWN ISSUES (probably unfixable):
  • Dying to Final Journey as host will lock softlock the player.
  • Shared buffs WILL share from guest to host.
  • All weapon art gifts are usable regardless of currently equipped weapon.
  • There are no animations for being backstabbed/parried/launched (though technically they exist in the files along with ones for attacking up/down on ladder as pvp mode in form of invasions was originally planned for the game).
  • Getting hit by a focused launch attack can leave hit player airbone infinitely until they attack to trigger a drop attack.
  • Losing a round to a focused launch attack will semi-softlock the player until they take damage in next round.
  • It is possible to get launched/staggered through boundary walls.

Usage is pretty straightforward, however the host is required to send the signal from one of supported areas listed below.
If You want to be able to host in this area after You have defeated the boss, i recommend installing Always Host mod.

The match can be set to operate under either infinite length or Best Of Five system. Match mode is set by the host by using the F3 key BEFORE a guest connects.
In Infinite mode the match will be running endlessly until guest disconnects Or host sets current round as last one by pressing F2 during pre-round. In Best Of Five system, whoever wins majority of the rounds (which is 3 in this particular case) is winner of the match - upon victory of either of the sides the guest is disconnected.
Host can also set welcome message, ruleset and health multiplier of both players through a menu available under F4 key (only available before match starts).

Winner of the match will be awarded with Mark Of Honor and a Broken Fang, Flawless victory (without having opponent win a single round) will also award the winner with Queen Tungsten.

PVP Stats screen can be summoned via F5 key (only when match is inactive).

Currently Available arenas:
  • Ruined City Underground
  • Ruined City Center
  • Dried-Up Trenches
  • Cathedral Of The Sacred Blood
  • Crypt Spire
  • Provisional Goverment Center
  • Memories of <Player>
  • Crown of Sand

For Text Chat usage information, refer to its page.

The mod displays guest opponent ping in top left corner (network delay between client and server). Here's a quick "Experience Quality" cheat sheet:
  • 16ms and below - That would be more or less one frame behind a server, highly unlikely to ever get that low unless both players are in same LAN.
  • 30-60ms - Quite good standard experience, probably attainable if both players live within same town and have decent machines.
  • 60-120ms - Decent experience, probably expected if both players are within same country.
  • 120-200ms - Acceptable experience, probably expected if both players are within same continent. Noticeable delays might start occurring near upper end of the bracket.
  • 200+ ms - Generally a lost cause and everything will have a noticeable delay (and probably packet loss too), most likely both players have a terrible connection or are on separate continents. Given characteristic of the game and playerbase this will most often be Your go-to experience.

As a side note i would recommend a common agreement on a matchmaking password to simplify the experience for people looking for pvp experience from those just seeking cooperation (and avoid needless confusion caused by disconnection of people who don't have the mod installed). Probably using pvp as password would be simple, self explanatory and easy to remember.

Drop pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_1_P.pak from the .zip file into your steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks folder, if you already have a file with this name, then rename the mod to next available number, eg pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_2_P.pak.
Uninstallation is done by removing the .pak file.