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Adds native text chat to the game.

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This mod adds seamless text chat to coop sessions with following features:
  • Link parsing (links get automatically highlighted and clicking on them will open it in default system web browser)
  • Ping display for clients along with color coded indication of experience quality.
  • Notification when partner is typing a message.
  • Support for emotes based on over 100 ingame "stamps".
This mod requires for BOTH host and client to have the mod installed for it to function, what is more clients without the mod will not be able to join host who has the mod installed and enabled (however you can join any client while having the mod installed).
After being installed mod defaults to being enabled, which will automatically instance the chat once coop partner loads in, this behavior can be disabled using the F3 key (this setting will reset upon any player respawn). If the client player does not have the mod installed, failed attempt to instance chat on his end will disconnect him, so if the mod is not popular enough to be broadly used or You host for random people, it might be wiser to disable the mod before hosting as it can be enabled during the coop session (perhaps upon commonly agreed sign, like "Rest 02" Mistle stamp).

Chat also allows host player to send "system" flagged messages by prefixing their message with /sys, stamp emotes are sent by using {i}X where X is ID of specific stamp (preview of current ID is shown below input text box).
Keybinds are:
  • F1 - Show/hide chat window
  • F3 - Enable/disable the mod (only available as host)
  • Y - Focus chat window (allow text input)

Drop pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_1_P.pak from the .zip file into your steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks folder, if you already have a file with this name, then rename the mod to next available number, eg pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_2_P.pak.
Uninstallation is done by removing the .pak file.