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Allows You to host coop sessions in areas where boss is already defeated.

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This is a simple mod that removes the restriction on hosting coop sessions in areas where the main boss is already dead.
If you just want to have fun with a friend and run through area or farm in it with someone then this mod is for you.
It does NOT change ANY of the other multiplayer mechanics, partner still gets kicked when the boss is defeated, you cannot move outside given area and mistle use is blocked.

Drop the pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_1_P.pak file from archive to steamapps\common\CODE VEIN\CodeVein\Content\Paks
IF you already have pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_1_P.pak in that folder then rename the mod .pak to next available number, for example : pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor_2_P.pak

Once the mod is installed you will be able to send a distress signal in all of the main game areas (excluding base/hot spring) regardless of boss state.