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This Overhaul mod rebalances the campaign, squad, weapons, lighting effects and brings general bug fixes to the game and to SMOD. The game will now be harder and require you to play more strategically. Also, the mod is shipped alongside the Arena mod which includes a horde like game mode set in the Colosseum.

Permissions and credits
Jericho Overhaul Mod
The Jericho Overhaul Mod was made to rebalance the whole game and make it way harder.

Requirements: Download SMOD (not the lite version)! Made by SkacikPL!

  • Rebalanced the whole campaign, with all the maps.
  • Rebalanced all enemies and squad members with their weaponry and supernatural powers.
  • Added optional Nightvision for Cole and Black with settings.
  • New optional No checkpoints mode to disable all checkpoints, increasing the difficulty.
  • New Arena game mode, which is like a horde like game mode set in the Colosseum.
  • Option to make the mod easier.
  • Extras menu now contains information about the squad members. (health weapon dmg etc.)
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Fixed lighting issues on all levels.

Configurations are handled by the autoexec.lua file. You can edit the settings inside it with a normal text editor, such as notepad but Notepad++ is recommended. You can edit the settings while in-game, but you have to reload the lua scripts via the Reload all lua scripts command in the Quick Debug section.

  • SkacikPL - For making the original SMOD
  • Akütør - For playtesting