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Mod and modding tools/resources package allowing for overhauling the game and fixing most glaring issues, including but not limited to:
Fixing mouse issues, FOV override, head bobbing toggle, enabling debug functions, improving balance and much more.

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SMOD is a comprehensive modding package for Clive Barker's Jericho, including tools, documentation and basic QOL / balancing improvements.
It includes all tools needed for basic modding and a hands-free script for turning the game into a "moddable" state and installation of SMOD.

The SMOD itself features:
  • Configurable FOV override to any value.
  • Option to unlock the built in cheats.
  • Unlocked built in debug menu.
  • Option to skip language selection screen.
  • Option to disable head bobbing/camera animations.
  • Fix for mouse sensitivity being halved on vertical axis.
  • Quick way to override game parameters.
  • Compatibility with NVIDIA Freestyle.
  • Quick setup for borderless windowed (although Borderless Gaming is still required) and higher than native rendering resolutions.
  • Optional brand new jumping mechanic.
  • Optional increases to recoil to boost visual weapon feedback.
  • Controllable damage input/output multipliers with predefined values to make game more pleasurable.
  • Separate AI squad mates damage multiplier to increase their survivability.
  • Optional headshot damage multiplier.
  • Option to disable white flash on melee hits.
  • Brand new, high quality scope texture for the sniper rifle.
  • Optional dynamic light shadows for muzzle flashes and explosions.
  • Optional Ironman mode with no health regeneration between checkpoints.
  • Optional new crosshair sprite.
  • Optional slowmo for character selection menu.
  • Optional new flashlight texture and behavior for Cole and Billie.
  • Expanded settings menu.
  • Optional developer comments.
  • Optional movies module allowing you to play various ingame videos, trailers and the 10 minute making of video (separate download).
  • Screenshot hotkey under Print Screen

Lite version - Is a separate and streamlined version with just the mod, meaning that it does not contain any of the tools or documentation.
Installation is also simplified as it only requires you to rename Jericho.exe to anselintegrationtestapp.exe in the bin folder of the game and then drag and drop contents of lite zip file into main game installation directory. Please keep in mind that you cannot easily switch from Lite to full SMOD or vice versa, if you ever choose to switch from one version of another - you will need to reinstall the game before making the switch.
In general, if You're looking for a drag, drop and go package and don't intend to mod the game I strongly recommend using the Lite version as it's smaller, faster to install and using default bundle files is faster for loading.


Drop ModData, QuickBMS and Install SMOD.bat files from the archive into main game installation
directory, eg: steamapps\common\Clive Barker's Jericho and run Install SMOD.bat.
The installer script will handle everything for you.

If you already had previous version of SMOD installed, updates are performed by
Copying contents of the "ModData" folder into your Jericho installation folder
and overwriting all contents. There is NO need to run "Install SMOD.bat" outside
initial first time installation of the mod.


Configuration is handled via editing autoexec.lua with a text editor of your choice,
standard notepad will do the trick although something more robust like Notepad ++
is recommended.

Mod also comes with custom bindings:
  • HUD Toggle -Mission/Help key (F1 by default)
  • Jump    -(If enabled in autoexec.lua;Left shift by default)
  • Pause   -(Requires adding Walk.Sprint.0 = PAUSE binding in Kb User Control definition in game.cfg)


For general non-mod related improvements I recommend reading PC Gaming Wiki page.

Game can be launched with following CLI params:
  • -console  -Enables developer (LUA) console, it's a separate window visible only in windowed mode. Press control + ~(tilde) to open ingame            console, Page Up/Down to cycle last used commands.
  • -devmode-Enables developer mode, adds some quick debug functions under F# keys.
  • -toolmode-Probably editor related, tries to load missing assets/scripts and crashes.
  • -safemode       -Generic safe mode.


QuickBMS by Luigi Auriemma
Castlevania QBMS script by chrrox
VK9 by disks86
IndirectSound by John-Paul Ownby

If you wish to show appreciation to my work, you can drop a donation.
You can contact me through one of those channels:

My Nexus Mods profile page
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