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Gives Egypt all bonuses, unique units and unique buildings of all other civs. (Excluding the Aztecs, Religious Convert, Lavra and Mbanza.)

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Well, have you sat there and pondered whether you want Rome's automatic roads and monuments more than Greece's extra policy slot? No more. Now one civ has it all, and that civ is the one led by the offspring of Ra, the incarnated Horus, the living god that is the Pharaoh: Egypt. Well, except for:
- the Aztec bonuses, since not everyone has the Aztecs yet,
- Religious Convert which made one unable to found a religion
- Lavra since the game didn't have the graphics for a Stave Church on it, so it was one or the other, and frankly the Stave Church has better bonuses
- Mbanza, which also didn't have the graphics for anyone else than Kongo.

Why Seth? Becase among other things, Seth was the god of foreigners. And you're getting all the special stuff of the foreigners with this mod.
Seemed appropriate.

Note that I haven't removed them from their original civs, for thematic reasons. So China still has the Great wall and Rome still has its Legions.

And yes, it's a cheat mod. In single player, who cares? And if anyone lets you use it in MP, well, more power to you :p


There's nothing to get. Start a game a Cleopatra, and enjoy all the gifts of the Goa'uld... err... I mean, of the Gods of Egypt.


Open the downloaded file, and drag and drop the DaughterOfSeth directory into your "Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods" folder. That's it.

It should auto-activate itself the when you start the game, but you can still turn it on or off in the Additional Content menu.


Delete the DaughterOfSeth directory from your "Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods" folder.


1. If you want to play another civ than Egypt, just go into the mod's folder (see below) and then into the Data folder in it. Open the lone XML file into a text editor and search and replace "LEADER_CLEOPATRA" with whatever leader you want to play as, and "CIVILIZATION_EGYPT" with whatever civ you want to play.

Be sure to remove any bonuses your civ or leader already had from the .xml file, or the game WILL barf when loading the mod.

2. The tooltip when selecting a leader to start the game does NOT reflect the changes. But just watch the loading screen when you load the game, and you'll know if you have a lot more bonuses than fit on the screen.

3. Speaking of which, there's more of them than your game can display on your leader's screen. But they're still there. E.g., you can build a city and get a free monument (as per Trajan's Column) even if there's no space to actually show all that on the leader screen.

4. This mod gives you an extra wildcard slot and an extra military slot, from other people's traits. Be warned that if you add too many extra slots the game won't let you choose ANY cards until you have enough to fill all slots. Essentially any more than this mod adds, and you get to wait longer before you can slot any cards into your government. You have been warned.

5. Although I had to pick a language and it says "English", all the actual in-game texts except for the mod name and description are the original game texts and thus internationalized. If the game supports your language, this mod does too.

It is most definitely compatible with my other mods. Though if you're also using Daughter Of Ptah and/or Daughter Of Ra, be aware of the slot issue above. this mod effectively adds two slots. Daughter Of Ra and Daughter Of Ptah add one slot each. If you use any combination where the sum is greater than two, you'll have to wait a few more turns, until you research enough cards to fill all slots, before you can slot ANY cards. (Though, I suppose, good things do come to those who wait. After that, you do have room for more government cards.)

I can't test it with anything else, since I'm not seeing any other mods for Civ VI at the moment.