Carrier Command 2
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Changes how blueprints are allocated to islands by modifying your save file. Can add blueprints to islands that don't have any, add "bonus" blueprints to high-shield islands, and ensure that when you unlock a turret you unlock the ammo (and vice-versa).

Permissions and credits
Windows computer with powershell installed
Powershell must be operating in unrestricted mode (otherwise it won't run scripts from other computers. You can do this by running
"Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted" from a powershell window).

• populateEmptyIslands : Any factory island that doesn't have a blueprint assocaited with it will have an appropriate one added.
• pairTurretsAndAmmo : Any factory island that has a turret will have the paired ammo included as a blueprint. The reverse is also true.
• bonusBlueprintsForShields : Any 3-shield factory island will had an extra bonus blueprint drawn from the full list of valid (non-starter) blueprints. 4-shield and above will get 2 extra blueprints instead.

From a powershell window, using all features:

.\Add-BlueprintsToSaves.ps1 -pathToSaveFile "C:\Users\whateverYourUserNameIs\AppData\Roaming\Carrier Command 2\saved_games\slot_15\save.xml" -populateEmptyIslands -pairTurretsAndAmmo -bonusBlueprintsForShields

It's still possible to take a factory island and not get any new blueprints, even after running this script. For example, consider the following scenario:
Island A: 1-Shield Turret Factory, unlocks 40mm turrets.
Island B: 2-Shield Small Munitions Factory, unlocks 40mm ammo.

After running my script, it will change to the following:
Island A: 1-Shield Turret Factory, unlocks 40mm turrets and 40mm ammo.
Island B: 2-Shield Small Munitions Factory, unlocks 40mm ammo and 40mm turrets.

If you capture Island A and then Island B, it will look like you didn't get anything new, but that's just because you've already unlocked the items in question.