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FFYLands is a huge game overhaul which makes game harder, but more rewarding.
This mod touches almost everything in the game: Guns, Items, Skills, Enemies, Slot Machines, etc.
In other words: it's a big global mod for BL2.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
Fight For Your Life Lands is a huge mod for Borderlands 2.
Main direction of this mod is to increase game difficulty, change the way you play the game, provide new game experience, and add more items to the game.
It changes game in many ways.
Example: changed Enemiesnew Guns, New Skills, Shields, Class mods, Difficulty Changes. 
More about changes below.

    I've created a Discord server for FFYL mod.
You can talk about balance issues and many other stuff in my discord server.
If you want to join, then click Here
Update: There's a page with almost all FFYLands gear and drops. You should check it.[< Click it]

Update 2: There's also a FFYLands wiki [< Click it]
Update 3: There is a translated version of FFYLands for Russian Players [Click]

[Main changes. Short version]
  • Slot machines were improved. They have better drop rates.
  • All Vault Hunters can aim in FFYL (Except Salvador).
  • Most bosses are harder now. You should be prepared to battle. Matching element is important thing now.
  • Changed all Vault Hunters. They have changed or even new skills. Also they have passive bonuses.
  • Op levels are more rewarding. Op levels increase chance to obtain Legendary and Pearl gear for each 2 OP levels (2, 4, 6, 8)
  • No health gate against weapons with more than 1 bullet. Shotguns will one shot you, Grog Nozzle won't make you immortal anymore. Kill or be killed.
  • Game breaking glitches were fixed (Pimphab, etc)
  • Raid bosses are hard. Be ready to suffer if you'll try to kill them in solo. Maybe NPC's were right when they offered you to bring some friends?
  • You cannot obtain strong\most (98%) legendary gear until you hit Enemy lvl 49. Some 'early-game' legendaries can still be obtained from Quests \ Warrior.
  • So, don't try to farm for legendaries while you're not level 50. You will only waste your time.
  • You can find Unique weapons like Grog Nozzle from any source at any level.
  • Enemies were changed overall: they have better gear, they act faster, their melee attack speed was increased. Some enemies were changed into new ones.
  • No badass Rank bonuses. Don't ask me how to enable them back. Please. It's not because i suspect you about cheated stats, it is because this mod is designed to be played without them. Even 25% bonus will make FFYLands a lot easier. 
  • Some visual changes were made.
  • "Added" \ changed a lot of weapons, shields and etc
  • Legendary and Pearl gear was changed: They received Rarity Tiers, their amount was increased overall. There's more than 50 pearls in the game.
  •        Legendaries: Early-Game > Mid-Game > End-Game    
  •        Pearls: Common > Uncommon > Rare > Very Rare > Semi-Rarest > Rarest
  •        Pearl tier drops are locked until you hit required level : Common\Uncommon: Lvl 54+ 
  •                                                                                                Rare:                               Lvl 62+
  •                                                                                                Very Rare:                      Lvl 74+
  •                                                                                                Semi-Rarest \ Rarest:    Lvl 82 [op2]+
  •  Don't expect a lot of smart red text's with references to JoJo and other stuff. My goal was to create a gun, not red text.
  •  End of short description.

How to use \ install this mod? 

  1.  Check UCP page for installation guide: UCP page [nexus] <-- Click it  [You just have to see installation Guide for mods like UCP]
  2.  Extract files from archive to: steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\Binaries
  3.  Open BLCMM  [Optional step]
  4.  Manually open FFYL in BLCMM [Optional step]
  5.  Select Game Difficulty \ Optional Changes [Optional step]
  6.  Save FFYL (CTRL + S) [Optional step]
  7.  Enter game
  8.  When in Main Menu, wait around 10 seconds (Not Title screen with big vault logo) [Game will connect to the Shift]
  9.  Open Console
  10.  Type: Exec FFYL    (Literally Exec FFYL without .txt and stuff)   [Updated 13.02.2020]
         [You can exec FFYl or FFYLOF, it doesn't matter now]
  •  Play (and suffer)

[Important Stuff]
  1.  Warning! do not use FFYL character without FFYL mod! Some weapons WILL disappear if you do so! Don't forget to exec FFYL!
  2.  DO NOT USE UCP WITH THIS MOD! most problems are coming from using UCP. [UCP = Unofficial Community Patch]
  3.  DO NOT USE MORE CHESTS ON PANDORA WITH THIS MOD! It is already included and balanced for FFYLands.
  4.  I don't recommend installing other gear mods, weapons, etc. It will be pretty weak and not balanced for my mod.
  5.  You should play this mod by creating new character and starting new game
  6.  This mod is recommended to be played in Co-op.
  7.  This mod may force you to ragequit sometimes. You was warned.
  8.  This mod already has newest version of UCP -  do not use it with this mod!
  9.  Borderlands 2 RU is not supported and not guaranteed to work as intended with FFYLands.

                                                                                                                  [Recommended Mods]
   Following mods can improve your experience with FFYLands:

  How to install them:  
  1. Open GitHub links from Above (Click on the text)
  2. View those pages as a 'Raw' (You'll see Raw \ Blame \ History buttons, click Raw)
  3. When page is fully loaded, press CTRL + S                   [Or save it by clicking RMB > Save Page]
  4. After you downloaded it, open FFYLands in BLCMM 
  5. Press CTRL + I in BLCMM                                               [Or manually go: File > Import Mod File(s)]
  6. Select your downloaded mod (You may lead BLCMM to it's location)
  7. Mod was added. Remember: Mod have to be Below FFYLands to work properly
  8. Save FFYL by pressing CTRL + S                                   [Or manually go: File > Save]
  9. Done, you can play.

  1.  Sometimes your friend in co-op won't see changed skill tree. He should exit to main menu, execute mod again, and then join to you.
  2.  The problem above could be in 'Spark Keys' Error. Try to Execute FFYLOF instead (Not recommended for the Host).
  3.  If you are playing co-op, then your friend MUST have this mod installed too.
  4.  If game is too hard for you, then you can reduce animation speed in optionals [BLCMM] [For weaklings]
  5.  I won't answer questions like 'How to enable badass rank', etc. I aslo don't welcome skill tree modifications and other stuff
  • This mod does not requires any DLC. However, many new guns and shields were created by using other DLC's.
  • This mod increases loading times to about 10-15 seconds (Because this mod is huge)
  • You can use BLCMM to change mod (Change Difficulty, turn off some Optional Changes)

Some "pro" tips for PT3:
  • Don't kill enemies, they can't drop anything, and you don't need xp anyway, right?
  • Don't look for chests, you don't need possible gear upgrades or even pearlescent items. pfff. Chests sucks. (Continues to play without good gear and suffers a lot)
  • When you can't kill any enemy with a Pointman class mod and middle tree as an Axton, then it is clearly a mod Author's fault. Not yours.
  • Don't try any new gear. If Harold was changed, then it is unusable anymore >:( (Uninstalls the mod and ragequits)
  • When you can't kill Raid Bosses with a pearl slag weapon or Mid-Game Legendary, then this mod is unbalanced and not fun >:(((((. You don't need strong weapons for raid bosses at all.  (Spoiler: you have to use matching element for your weapon, plus you have to know how to kill specific raid bosses. Don't be surprised when raid boss won't die at all)

  • Sometimes this mod can be too hard, especially in Digi-Peak area. This is why it is RECOMMENDED to be played in co-op
  • In solo mode you will probably suffer
  • You can even ragequit
  • Bosses will restore their hp, you will die over and over
  • Be ready for it if you are playing this mod in solo
  • You may not like some difficulty changes ['Artifical Animation speed, 2hard4me, mod sucks >:(', can't kill enemies with white guns >:(], but it's up to you.
  • Some bosses can destroy you. [And force you to ragequit]
  • Make sure to be prepared with a good gear before going to a Willhelm as example.
  • This mod is not designed for modifications in BLCMM.
  • But you can still select optional changes in 'Optional Changes' section [BLCMM]
  • Recommended to play without other global mods (To avoid conflicts)
  • But if you decided to play with other mods [I hope it's just QOL mods] - then put FFYLands last in mod order list.

Offtop 2:

  • This is not a modpack. It's a global mod.
  • This mod is named FFYLands because FFYLands is shortened from Fight For Your Life lands.
  • You will be in Fight for your life a lot.
  • Originally idea for Mod name came from my friend: "call this mod FFYL simulator"
  • If you want to leave some feedback \ suggestions: then you can DM me in Discord: [Hemaxhu #7972] or simply join my Discord Server.

When you add me as a friend in Discord for some reason and doesn't wrote anything - don't expect me to tell you 'Hey what do you want?". I won't do that. 
Just tell me why you added me. And if there is no real reason, then sorry, but i'll remove you after some time.

People who helped me a lot: SpicyPooh, Celestialray, Ravics, Kraysis