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If you want to experience Borderlands 2 in a new way, this modpack is exactly for you. Currently including 150+ mods and over 750 changes!

Permissions and credits
What is BL2 Reborn?
"BL2 Reborn" is a modpack made by me which found its origins way back in Summer 2017 under the name "KPack", published on the official BL2 modder Github. In Winter 2017 it became BL2 Reborn since it became more than just a modpack. In Summer 2018, development was halted because I didn't have any free time to work on expanding and bug fixing. Now, it's back and more stable than ever on Nexusmods.

Official BL2 Reborn Wiki:

This modpack is discontinued and not supported anymore. You can still play the modpack just fine, but don't expect bug fixes, help or other forms of contact.

Modpack built by Kumakobi and Ezeith, all credit goes to the mod authors.
Shadowevil: The Unofficial Community Patch and his mods
LightChaosman: The Filter Tool / BLCMM, his mods and all he did for modding and me
Dave: For his resources and his help
For all of their mods: Aaron0000, adudney, AngrierPat, B33PB00PJOE, Battle Bee, Coleby, Elysium, Ethel, Exotek, Freya, FromDarkHell, Gronp, Hemaxhu, Jim Raven, Kalli, Kazy, Mike, Natsu235, OB4M4, Orudeon, splitzle, SirUmnei and the_Nocturni 
Special credit to ThaCampin'Dutchman for the original ideas of Aaron0000's "TheCampin'Dutchpack" modpack.

UCP Credits:
55tumbl, Aaron0000, Adudney, AngrierPat, apocalyptech, B33PB00PJOE, Dave Rabbit, empireScum,
Ethel, FromDarkHell, Hydrattler, Jim Raven, Kazy, Kumakobi, laxlife, LightChaosman, MegaCyber,
Mike (Soze), mopioid, Orudeon, SentySent, SirUmnei, Sommer, the_Nocturni, Zububu

If you see one of your mods in this modpack without permission please contact me! I made an effort to contact and ask every named person for permission but I could have always missed one or two people.

What can I expect with BL2 Reborn?
With BL2 Reborn you can expect a fresh and new way to experience Borderlands 2, including the following:

  • Complete Gear and Manufacturer Overhauls
  • New Guns and Gear
  • Character Overhauls, including complete Overhauls for Gaige and Maya and minor Overhauls for Krieg and Salvador
  • New Skins and Textures for Guns
  • Quality of Life Changes to the Game
  • New and more interesting Loot
  • Completely revamped quests, their rewards are random and tiered now
  • Enemy and Difficulty Changes
  • Reduced scaling to use your Gear longer
  • Faster-paced NVHM/TVHM and more challenging UVHM/OP-Levels
  • Selectable UVHM difficulty with BLCMM through the mod file
  • ...and many more changes!

What can I NOT expect with BL2 Reborn?

  • The same builds and weapons you played with in vanilla Borderlands 2
  • Actual new content (this is not Skyrim modding)
  • A modpack to permanently replace vanilla Borderlands 2

Reborn is intended to give you the feeling of finding and experiencing the game as if it was fresh and just released again. Playing on an existing save file and/or using Gibbed to find about everything heavily cripples your experience in this. Do yourself the favor and go in blind with a new character.


A simple installation guide is included in the download! Installation works the same way as all non-python based BL2 mods. You can refer to Shadow's video for this (might be a bit outdated):



You can enable optional modules at the bottom of the modpack with BLCMM.

Lots of options are hand-picked by me. Don't enable/disable stuff unless you know exactly what you're doing!

Use on an existing save file at your own risk, make a backup. Items can and will disappear!

Incompatibility List
The following mods are incompatible with BL2 Reborn and I won't fix them to be compatible with Reborn either. If the mod authors want to create a compatible version for Reborn I'll gladly re-review this list.

NOTE: There's no such thing as "hard incompatibility" in Borderlands 2. You will however encounter unintended behavior and instability / crashes if you use mods together which simply aren't intended to go together.

  • Borderlands UCP: Already included in Reborn.
  • Vanilla Enhanced: Already included in Reborn.
  • Loot Despawner: Partially compatible, will most likely not work on some items. Load after BL2 Reborn.
  • Better Loot Mod by Apocalyptech: Might cause unintended behavior and frequent crashes.
  • Every Loot by FromDarkHell: Might cause unintended behavior and frequent crashes.
  • Cold Dead Hands by Apocalyptech: Not tested but will probably cause unintended behavior and frequent crashes.
  • Actually, probably every Loot related mod ever.

  • FFYLands 2 by Hemaxhu: Should be self explanatory.
  • Borderlands 2: Exodus by Exotek: No.
  • BLassic by Aaron0000: Stahp.
  • Borderlands 2.5 by B33PB00PJOE, MikeyRay and Umnei: I almost punched you right there.