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Adaptation of the Part Notifier by FromDarkHell to work with Reborn modpack

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It is intended to be used with BL2Reborn

Part Notifier Complete
Current Version: 2.1
This has been updated to the most current version of BL2 Reborn 
This mod is compatible with the new Commander Lilith DLC

2.00A has been released for Item Part Notifier. It contains a minor fix for missed code and a red text explainer cleanup. It does not change or alter anything else.

Item Part Notifier for BL2Reborn is now on version 2.0! 

2.0 brings some major changes - some are immediately noticeable, such as identifying positive and negative stats by color and some are less noticeable, such as some color corrections and adjustments to the text. It also comes with a ton of fixes, corrections, and changes to the mod to ensure you are up to date on your Vault Hunting needs.

Item Part Notifier for BL2 Reborn comes in 2 versions: Full Part Effects and Limited Part Effects.
  • Full Part Effects will detail directly on the item card how each and every part affects the weapon. Green color is a positive effect, red color is a negative effect.
  • Limited Part Effects will only show you the weapon parts themselves, without showing their details.

Both versions come bundled in the mod itself and can be toggled to a user's preference. We also have an optional feature that will detail each and every red text'ed weapon in BL2 Reborn directly in Item Part Notifier itself. No more guessing what a weapon does - now you can simply see in teal text a brief description of how that weapon behaves in BL2 Reborn. 

How to Install Item Part Notifier for BL2 Reborn

Download the zip file from the nexus and extract it anywhere on your PC. Extract the contents of the file and move Item Part Notifier for BL2 Reborn to a safe location on your PC (such as your binaries folder for BL2). 

You then need to import the mod into BL2 Reborn. To do so, open BLCMM and make sure you have BL2 Reborn open. Then click File --> Import Mods and select Item Part Notifier for BL2 Reborn. By default, the mod will have Full Part Effects on as well as Red Text Explainer on.

Once you have imported the mod, simply save your changes in BLCMM. Item Part Notifier will now work when you next launch BL2 Reborn.

Version 2.0
Known Issues

• Lines like "weapon zoom", "Melee damage", "Burst fire when zoom" wont display, its intended to save space on cards.
• Certain weapon parts/wrong text will appear on non-weapons like shields or class mods. 
• Rarely, weapon shot cost will appear in the middle of the card instead of at the bottom.
• The Melee Accessory for pistols will not display. Luckily, its very easy to see the huge blade on the pistol to know its there.
• Orphan Maker's text will not display properly / out of sync. 
• Sledge's Shotgun does not have a red text explainer.
• Some lines have spelling issues in them. Please let Kalli or Ezeith know in the BL2Reborn discord or post a bug report with details so it can be fixed.
• Fremington's Edge's sight will not appear - it is unique to the gun itself and Item Part Notifier does not identify unique parts.

If you discover new issues that are not on this list, report them to Ezeith or Kalli on the BL2Reborn discord server or post it in the bugs section. 
If you discover incorrect information on weapon cards,  report it to Kalli or Ezeith on the BL2Reborn discord server or post in the bugs section.