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Adds access to Fast Travel, Bank and FOV to a click of a button. Also adds some other QOL changes.

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For BL1 GOTY Enhanced Version of the Mod Go Here


Binds to Access Fast travel and Bank from anywhere
Bind for Increased FOV
14 New Rarities for Modders to use
Slight increase to Loot Pickup Range

Slight increase to air control for better movement while airborne
Slightly Larger Compass Range


Read "README FOR INSTALLATION.rtf" included in zip.

New Binds:

When Installed you should have them added to your Key Bindings list. As seen in the image below these binds are tied to Weapon Select 1 and 2 but you hold this bind (These don't conflict at all, holding won't change your Weapon). You can change these binds but will also change Weapon select bind as well. They also work on controller as well (Up and down on Dpad).

Custom Rarities: (For Modders)

There are 14 custom rarities here they are...

To use these within UDK open "gd_globals_custom.upk" given by this mod and open globals Archetype within the "Globals folder", "gd_globals.general.Globals". Copy and Paste Modded Droplist Rarity into gd_globals and save. You can edit this file since its only used within the editor. Now when u drop an item when you "Play Here" and your item is within the right Min-Max you should see new rarity colors.

I've Included a gd_Rarity.upk to get you started with some of the new rarities. Each rarity is tied to a set of numbers EX. Pearls are within 100-169. Every part comes with its own number. If every part is added and within 100-169 then that weapon is pearl. The Archetypes included are those numbers you attach to the part.