Blade & Sorcery: Nomad
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The Masamune, mysterious blade of Sephiroth!

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The Masamune
Model and Textures Direct From Final Fantasy: Dissidia
Estuans Interius Ira Vehementi Estuans Interius Ira Vehementi


The Masamune is designed as a Japanese odachi blade. The design and color of the tsuba (guard) and tsuka (hilt) have varied, alternating between blue and gold and entirely black (even red in the original game). The blade's exact length varies, usually measuring at least as long as Sephiroth is tall or slightly longer, which would make it approximately six-to-eight feet long. The angle of the curve of the blade also varies, but it is never entirely straight. The handle is more than long enough to accommodate both hands, but Sephiroth can carry it in one thanks to his unbelievable strength. It has a rectangular tsuba, which is gold-colored in most appearances.
The Japanese (odachi, 野太刀:のだち), on which the appearance of the Masamune is based, is a large two-handed Japanese long-sword carried by foot soldiers as a weapon against cavalry soldiers. They were generally used on open battlefields as the weapon's length made their use indoors or close quarters difficult. During times of peace the sword was worn slung across the back as a symbol of status as it required considerably more strength and skill to wield than a conventional katana. Although odachi are designed to slash, Sephiroth's infamous method of killing his targets is impalement.
-Final Fantasy Wiki