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Bloodborne Trick Weapons and Sidearms for Blade & Sorcery

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The u12 version is an early release and hasn't been fully tested. MOST weapons have been tested and work fine.
The maps are coming soon.


"As of version 2.2 hinged and sliding weapons like the Saw Cleaver, Reiterpallasch, Church Pick, etc... will require you to hold the Action button and flick/move your wrist quickly to transform them. Whip weapons work similarly, however to de-activate them hold the Action button and smack them into the ground. This is as how they are transformed in Bloodborne and will be the new standard going forward, if you do not like this change, there is a toggle in the .json files "moveToActivate" that can be changed to "False".

"NEW to version 2.0 is the Equipment Pouch, it is highly recommended you equip this in your right hip slot if you plan on using firearms or the Holy Moonlight Sword. You can touch it with your action button to pull out either a Blood Syringe (which you can inject into your hand to heal) if you are holding a trick weapon, or a bullet if you have a firearm in your hand, while holding a bullet in your hand, move it up to the barrel of your firearm and press the action button again to reload it. Items can also be returned to the pouch if grabbed by mistake. The Gatling Gun, Flamesprayer, and Rosmarinus will automatically drain Quicksilver bullets and do not require reloading.

An equipment holds 5x Blood Syringes, 20x Quicksilver Bullets, 20x Lead Bullets, and can replenished from the book (currently), and (later) by looting enemies. Lead Bullets can currently not be replenished.

Some Trick Weapons cannot be Imbued, this is for lore reasons, most being arcane weapons. The whirligig saw is just a hassle to set up and I haven't gotten around to it yet. Imbuing whips can be buggy, do so at your own risk.

Explosives should be safer to use now and break NPCskeletons less often while dismembering them, however if you don't want to risk it, dismembering can be toggled off in the JSON files."

Your Action button, which is used to transform or activate the Trick Weapons depends on the type of controller you have, it's the same button that normally brings up the Magic menu.

DISCLAIMER: These are powerful weapons, designed by madmen and scholars. Used to fight nightmarish, otherwordly, monstrosities... NOT a bunch of dudes running around in skimpy leather armor pirouetting with swords.


All firearms require bullets now, either Quicksilver or Lead (Yharnam Stockpile weapons). Equip an Equipment Pouch to your left or right hip slot then use the Action button on it to remove a bullet while holding your firearm.

Special Weapons:
Holy Moonlight Sword: Run your hand across its surface to transform it, hold down trigger (while dual handing) and swing to release a deadly bolt of moonlight. REQUIRES an Equipment Pouch, as it consumes 1 quicksilver bullet.

Retractable Whip Weapons:

Beast Cutter
Threaded Cane

Boom Hammer:
Pull back the spike, at the end of the hammer, with your hand to ignite the furnace within. This greatly buffs its damage output and will send your
enemies flying in a fiery blaze, however after each successful hit the hammer resets itself.

Whirligig Saw:
Whirligig Saw, while your hand is resting over the trigger, press the Action button to start up the saw and begin hacking your enemies to pieces. Like the Kirkhammer and Ludwig's Great Sword it can also transform into a 2nd form. In this case a lengthy mace with a sharp tip. Do so by holding the weapon over your back holsters and pressing the Action button, do it again to re-attach it.

Can only be transformed into its True Form by holding the tip of the mace against your chest and pressing the Alternate Action button,
once transformed it will immediately drain 30% of your health and continue to drain your health by 1HP every 3 seconds until you reach 5HP.
It will kill you if you attempt to transform it at too low health. Transforming it back again wont hurt you.
The gradual health drain makes it slightly more hardcore than the actual Bloodborne weapon, similar to the Chikage,
balancing it was necessary since it's an incredibly overpowered weapon.

Extendable Weapons: (Press the Action button to transform the weapon from a one-hander into a two-hander)
Church Pick
Hunter Axe

Sheathed Weapons: (hover the Weapon over your back holsters, so the holster icon appears, then press the Action button to sheathe / unsheathe)
Kirkhammer (can be slammed into the ground or walls to unbalance foes)
Ludwig's Holy Blade

Detachable Weapons: (Can be split into 2 and re-attached by grabbing at the base of the weapon)
Burial Blade
Blade of Mercy

Gun Weapons: (Can be transformed into a Firearm using the Action button)
Rifle Spear (Press Trigger to fire the rifle once transformed)
Reiterpallasch (Press Trigger to fire the rifle once transformed)

Cleavers: (Press the Action button to transform into a one or two handed variant)
Beasthunter Saif
Saw Cleaver
Saw Spear

No blood on weapons as I haven't converted the materials yet
The new weapon rack is buggy with modded weapons
Whip weapons can bug out more than usual
Vortex may need to be update for mods to install properly

Known Issues:
Whip Weapons can occasionally bug out, but only rarely at the moment.
Explosive dismemberment can cause skeletons to bug out, but it shouldnt happen often anymore, can be toggled off.

KIFIR from Sketchfab for the Medieval Bag
From Software for the original meshes and textures
Metal Scourge for the converted Source Film Maker files
Ebediam for the help, inspiration, and script framework which formed the early foundation of this mod.
SirBowtie for CurveSlide
Kospy for making such a brilliant game

Bloodborne Maps:
Hunters Dream:
Grand Cathedral:
Moonside Lake

Bloodborne Weapons:
Hunters Arsenal:
Yharnam Stockpile:

Bloodborne Weapons (Other):
Stake Driver:
Logarius Wheel: