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Bloodborne Trick Weapons for Blade & Sorcery

Permissions and credits
This mod is currently being updated for BAS 8.4+.
A lot changed internally between 8.3 & 8.4
meaning a lot has to be changed (or re-written) on my end.

Your Action button, which is used to transform or activate the Trick Weapons depends on the type of controller you have, for WMR it could be the trackpad, for Rift S/Quest/Index its one of the smaller buttons: A, B, X, Y.

Boom Hammer:

Pull back the spike, at the end of the hammer, with your hand to ignite the furnace within. This greatly buffs its damage output and will send your
enemies flying in a fiery blaze, however after each successful hit the hammer resets itself.

Whirligig Saw:
Whirligig Saw, while your hand is resting over the trigger, press the Action button to start up the saw and begin hacking your enemies to pieces. Like the Kirkhammer and Ludwig's Great Sword it can also transform into a 2nd form. In this case a lengthy mace with a sharp tip. Do so by holding the weapon over your back holsters and pressing the Action button, do it again to re-attach it.

Can only be transformed into its True Form by holding the tip of the mace against your chest and pressing the Alternate Action button,
once transformed it will immediately drain 30% of your health and continue to drain your health by 1HP every 3 seconds until you reach 5HP.
It will kill you if you attempt to transform it at too low health. Transforming it back again wont hurt you.
The gradual health drain makes it slightly more hardcore than the actual Bloodborne weapon, similar to the Chikage,
balancing it was necessary since it's an incredibly overpowered weapon.

Extendable Weapons: (Press the Action button to transform the weapon from a one-hander into a two-hander)
Church Pick
Hunter Axe

Sheathed Weapons: (hover the Weapon over your back holsters, so the holster icon appears, then press the Action button to sheathe / unsheathe)
Kirkhammer (can be slammed into the ground or walls to unbalance foes)
Ludwig's Holy Blade

Detachable Weapons: (Can be split into 2 and re-attached by grabbing at the base of the weapon)
Blade of Mercy

Gun Weapons: (Can be transformed into a Firearm using the Action button)
Rifle Spear (Press Trigger to fire the rifle once transformed)
Reiterpallasch (Press Trigger to fire the rifle once transformed)

Cleavers: (Press the Action button to transform into a one or two handed variant)
Beasthunter Saif
Saw Cleaver
Saw Spear

Known Issues:
The way the game despaws bullets can very rarely cause weapon handles to stop working (not sure how to fix at this stage)
Blade of Mercy wont stab properly when together
Boom Hammer sometimes activates itself
Bullet damage is too low and needs to be rebalanced for U8
Bloodletter causes a bit of text spam in the spawn book, not sure how to get rid of this

From Software for the original meshes and textures
Metal Scourge for the converted Source Film Maker files
Ebediam for the ItemShooter & Explosion Framework (as well as his helpful tutorials, tips, and advice.)
SirBowtie for CurveSlide
Kospy for making such a brilliant game

Bloodborne Maps:
Grand Cathedral:
Moonside Lake

Bloodborne Firearms:

Bloodborne Trick Weapons:
Trick Weapons:
Burial Blade:
Stake Driver:
Logarius Wheel:
Holy Moonlight Sword:

Bloodborne Misc Stuff:
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