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A weapon pack specializing in realistic, high quality swords, daggers and greatswords. Sheaths included!

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  • Japanese
Simply put, this is a weapon pack specializing in high quality, mostly realistic European swords. It contains daggers, longswords, greatswords, estocs and most of them come with sheaths.
Donations are not necessary but highly appreciated.
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  • Weapon variety and custom damagers - Daggers, Swords, Greatswords & Estocs all with different properties. Estoc blades can pierce chainmail easily whereas greatswords and war swords are much better at dismembering. All weapons have unique weight, length and points of balance.
  • Usable by NPCs - All usable weapons have been added to the AI weapon pool.
  • Custom sword sheaths - Most swords come with a sheath to make cross-sheathing the sword easy. Now wearing a sword on your left hip as a right handed person makes sense.
  • Custom audio - Drawing and stowing your sword has new audio to enhance the sheath aesthetic.
  • Custom category - to avoid item book clutter

Terminology for swords is generally very loose, but for the purposes of this weapon pack there are some simple rules set in place.
Sword - A weapon easily used in one hand.
Longsword - A sword with a longer handle and blade, used easily enough in one or two hands.
War Sword - A large longsword, sacrificing most of its one handed agility for more power.
Greatsword - A true two handed weapon, unable to be used effectively in one hand at all. Too big to be stored on the hip and generally not stored in a sheath.
Estoc - A special type of longsword blade designed for piercing. Estocs exist in each category aside from greatsword.

This mod is a branch from Medieval MegaPack and is a sister pack to Katana MegaPack. Please check them both out!