Blade & Sorcery
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Disables reattachment of limbs that were cut off if the NPC is still alive.

Permissions and credits
If you want the enemy to die when you decapitate it, then edit the Level_NonSnappingLimbs.json file, and change 'dieOnHeadChop' from 'false' to 'true'.

Known issues
* Glitch when cutting off the head or multiple parts of the same limb; results in a small mesh part pointing towards the cut part - I think this is a bug in the game engine since it happens without the mod as well; will look into it. (Confirmed for U9, haven't checked this for U10 yet)
* Enemies holding onto their weapons and picking them up with the severed limb
* Enemies unable to get up/falling when you pick up/throw their limbs.
The last two are fixed in my Undying Wave mod, but that one uses custom creatures, while this one cannot. To fix this issue the AI needs to be edited; to avoid affecting other mods too much this needs to be done at runtime. I'm working on a mod that allows this but this will take longer.

If you notice any weird behavior beside these, then please send a video and attach you Player.log (found in
Please make sure to set the 'logger_level' to 'Detailed' in Level_NonSnappingLimbs.json if you are trying to report any issues.

Source code:
Check out my website for info and test versions:

In case you want support my work ($1):
All donation money will be used on my mods (buying models, effects, etc...) or other freely available works (code, music, models, etc...).