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Make an enemy hit by the bolt invincible. Use an imbued stab to the neck or head to kill them.

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Warning: This mod is not fully compatible with Sectory, if you are using that mod, then the NPCs will die from an uninbued head stab as
well. This will also happen with any other mod that forces the NPC to die instead of damaging it (by calling creature.Kill()).

Zap someone with the bolt to make them invincible. If you decide to kill them, then imbue your weapon and stab them in the neck or head.
You can also enable death on head chop by editing the file 'Level_SpellUndying.json' and changing 'dieOnHeadChop' to true.

I advise you to also install the 'Non-snapping limbs' mod if you don't want the severed limbs to reattach.

Source code:
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