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Dark Souls maps in Blade and Sorcery

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Maps from Dark Souls 1.

Every map from the base game and DLC is now included.

Information -
  • All prop placements, textures, meshes, and collision is game accurate where possible. 
  • Make sure you kill everyone in a wave before you leave because I'm not sure how to despawn enemies that you leave.
  • You can put a sword in most bonfires to activate them.
  • You can jump into the pit behind where you start in the Kiln and you will teleport to Gwyn's Arena.
  • You can drain the water in New Londo by stabbing the White Squares next to the Wave Spawners at the first bridge.
  • Try killing Gwynevere >:)
  • This mod adds a Skull Lantern item that you can spawn. Put it in your pockets and you can have an ambient Dark Souls light.

Warnings -
  • If you encounter lighting issues please exit to default home map and reenter.
  • You may experience poor collision as in an invisible wall or hole in the floor. 
        Please take a screenshot or tell me where it was if you could :)
  • BRING A FLYING SPELL because if you fall you might not hit the zone to tp or maybe the elevators don't work yet.
  • Some maps have missing object collision for right now. Sorry :(
  • If you cannot make it through a doorway try jumping. There are tiny collision boxes infront of some doorways that I have missed.
  • The big elevator in Anor Londo does not have collision right now. Please dont fall through it's jarring. Fixing next patch.
  • Dukes Archive's Lamps only render in the left eye. I used a weird shader and didn't realize that it caused this until I released. Will be patched.
  • Some maps rely on post processing for color correction, I suggest to keep it on as some maps rely on it. Let me know if the post processing is too much.

Please let me know if you have poor performance or any game breaking bugs. 

I will be working on bug fixing collision, adding NPCS/Avatars, Weapons, Shields, map ambience, map interactions, etc.

I apologize for the large download but it is as small as I can get it.

Some maps are higher detailed than others. All maps will be brought up to standard overtime.