Blade & Sorcery
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Adds 13 more holsters to the player! Fully configurable!

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Adds 13 more holsters to the player!

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Configurable Side interaction so holsters can only be grabbed by left or right or both hands

Equipment is persisted between level changes and exiting the game!

Another mod that goes great with this is Any Weapon, Any Slot which lets you put any sized weapon in any slot!

13 new slots!

  • Two chest slots
  • Two lower back slots
  • One middle back slot
  • Two upper arm lots
  • Two forearm slots
  • Two thigh slots
  • Two ankle slots

The slots are set to hold small/medium items and weapons. This can be changed in the MoreSlots\Levels\Level_Master.json by changing the "holderDataId" to "HolderBack"

Add your own slots by editing the MoreSlots\Levels\Level_Master.json file.
Configure which Hand(s) Left,Right,Both can interact with the holster by editing the "handSide" in the json file.
The names of the valid ragdollPartNames are:

  • RightFoot
  • LeftFoot
  • RightLeg
  • LeftLeg
  • RightUpLeg
  • LeftUpLeg
  • Hips
  • Spine
  • Spine1
  • RightArm
  • LeftArm
  • RightForeArm
  • LeftForeArm
  • RightHand
  • LeftHand
  • Neck
  • Head

Known issues:

Weapons do not save in slots between level changes
- Fixed in 0.0.2

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